40,000 Community Of Locals Brought Back A Dead Maharashtra River To Life & Even PM Modi Lauded Them

40,000 Community Of Locals Brought Back A Dead Maharashtra River To Life & Even PM Modi Lauded Them

Recently we heard that Dharmesh and his team of 30 members who cleaned garbage from 16 waterfalls near Mumbai .Yet another example has set the standards of youth who took such a huge responsibility of cleaning
Morna river.

“The river is 173-kilometre-long, a major tributary of Purna river (tributary of Tapti), is the main water source for Akola district, located around 240 km from Nagpur,”according to a report by NDTV.

The Clean Morna Mission was launched in January 2018 keeping in mind the cleanliness of the river.

The river in Maharashtra being the dump of waste materials for years until a group of people decided to turn it the natural way it should be.

PM Narendra Modi had even appreciated them their efforts in 40th edition of monthly radio show, Mann Ki Baat, “Mission Clean Morna River is a wonderful initiative, where people came together to clean the river,” he said.

Within six months this people’s movement made it to the ‘Golden Book of World Records’, an international book of records, for the largest public participation in river cleaning.

Every Saturday, people from the district visited the Morna river consistently and made efforts for few hours to remove garbage including weeds, plastic, wild grass and water hyacinths. According to district records, 19,300 water hyacinths and 8,440 plastic articles were removed from the river.Apart from this thousand kilos of waste would be removed. The waste collected would be transported to the landfill by the administration workers.

The Akola administration provided all the basic amenities such as gloves, cleaning equipment to the people involved in the cleanup. The cleanup drive would begin around 7 am and end by lunchtime.

Rs 17 lakh came from public donations to clean the river which is a good amount to startup with .All credit goes to the young minds and helping hands to make this mission a successful one.


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