5 Bollywood Actresses Who Are Only Eye Candies And Have Bad Acting Skills

5 Bollywood Actresses Who Are Only Eye Candies And Have Bad Acting Skills

Bollywood celebs are sometimes popular for all the wrong reasons. Call it nepotism or our liking for stars who look good, there are many celebs who do not possess acting talents but are A-listers.

Once a very famous American actor, who is now dead, James Byron Dean has said, “Being a good  actor isn’t easy.”  Looking at a few actors, on screen, we are often forced to think like why the hell they are actors! And perhaps,  James Dean was absolutely right.  These are those actors who make fool out of people, in the name of acting, and exist in the industry because of their great connections, appearances, or maybe because of their sheer lucks.

We love their toned up physique and their fitness but often ignore the fact that their basic skill, i.e. acting, needs a hell lot of improvement. Their gym selfies and workout posts are perfect and we can only wish that their acting was half as good.

Here’s the list of 5 actresses who are just eye candies and desperately need acting classes. Have a look:

Sunny Leone
One thing I will credit Sunny Leone for: she is a fighter. She made a career in mainstream cinema of a conservative country despite her background. That’s some achievement! And honestly, I don’t have any issues with any of her career choices — past or present. But the truth of the matter is that she can’t act. Yes, she is great in item numbers, and that’s what she should restrict herself to.

Katrina Kaif
A classic example of how an oh-so-pretty face and the right attitude can make up for lack of acting chops. More model than actor, Katrina Kaif struggles with her Hindi and can barely manage more than two expressions (remember Raajneeti?) and yet has big banners, from Yash Chopra’s candyfloss romances to Prakash Jha’s hard-hitting dramas and the best of men — Salman to Ranbir — queuing up at her doorstep. Though her presence in most films is strictly functional, Kat remains a Bollywood topper. She has been trying to act for a long time. We must agree that she has improved, but she still have a long way to go.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Her body might be made of Jelly and we love how she sways, but she needs improvement when it comes to acting!

Sonam Kapoor
Want to get even with an enemy? Gift him a DVD of Aisha. A pretty face with an awesome sense of fashion, Anil Kapoor’s first-born has little talent in front of the camera. With a set of one-and-a-quarter expressions per film and stilted dialogue delivery, Sonam makes Katrina and Deepika look like seasoned actresses. No wonder she has more magazine covers than films.

Nargis Fakhri
She needs to learn how to act and not merely how to look super hot! One bad casting can endanger the whole reputation of a movie. Forget reputation, it can ruin the movie itself. ‘Rockstar’ could have been the best film of Imtiaz Ali had he cast someone else instead of Nargis. But I guess he chose beauty over talent and as a result the film suffered. ‘Rockstar’ is still a great film, but it could have so much better. Again, let’s re-emphasize that modeling has nothing to do with acting. The nuance that acting requires is much more than just walking on a ramp.


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