5 Brands That Hardly Spend on Advertising But Are Worldwide Famous

5 Brands That Hardly Spend on Advertising But Are Worldwide Famous

One of the best technique for selling a product is it’s marketing . When the target audience hear about and see the product, they have a better perspective to buy the same. But do you know that some of the products doesn’t need marketing and even after that their selling rate is skyhigh

Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. GoPro

GoPro is an American technology company which produces cameras .It is a great one as it does not require any marketing . The superb quality of camera speaks for itself and word of mouth is enough ,as people do share their experience and give their feedback online, which is obviously a positive one. Users have the option to upload the images and videos captured by the GoPro cameras.

2. Rolls-Royce

The British Luxury Automobile company Rolls Royce, is a brand name in itself. It’s the choice of aristocracy as the cost of these cars are as high as their features. These luxury cars never put up great marketing techniques.

3. Old Monk

One of the oldest rum Old Monk ,has grabbed the liquor market as it has a great flavour ,which is in budget. It’s pocket- friendly technique has made this liquor one of the best seller among people and there is obviously no need of marketing .

4. Whatsapp

One of the most common app used by the people globally is Whatsapp . It is effectively used in daily routine.Whatsapp is providing fastest communication with very low data usage. People in almost all the parts of the world are addicted to this app as they find it amazingly effortless to use and which is the main reason for it’s least marketing.

5. Wikipedia

The most common feature used as the knowledge encyclopedia is Wikipedia. It has the simple and correct information to view and refer and everything is available in this feature. It is an amazing fact that Wikipedia has never opted for traditional marketing methods.


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