5 Indian Actors Who Actually Hooked-Up with Their On Screen Parents In Real Life

5 Indian Actors Who Actually Hooked-Up with Their On Screen Parents In Real Life

When it comes to the acting part , many characters are played in accordance to the script demand and the people whom are meant for the role . Many a times it happens that the actors comes in situation where they are bound to play the role of family members especially when it comes to the parents and children

Our today’s story is all about the actors who dated their reel life parents in their real life..

Here are some of the on-screen actors who started dating their reel life parents:

Ram Kapoor and Eva Grover

Ram Kapoor who has transformed a lot .Starred in the TV show “Bade Achhe Lagte Hai”, started dating Eva Grover who was cast as his stepmother in the TV show . This side of the story was when this question of the relationship was asked to Eva, she refused this news instantly stating it as utter nonsense on the media’s part.

Sunil Dutt and Nargis

One of the sweetest couple , whom people used to adore a lot . Their on-screen and an off-screen chemistry was opposite ones .Sunil, and Nargis were also cast in a movie Mother India where Nargis was the mother of Sunil. There was an incident on the set when the set caught fire and Sunil saved Nargis and was burnt himself with wounds. Sunil always was a fan of Nargis but she was rumored dating Raj Kapoor that time but after this fiasco, Nargis was taking care of Sunil in the hospital and later they got into a relationship and also got married.

Siddharth Shukla and Smita Bansal

TV Actors Who Actually Dated Their Reel Life Parents In Real Life

The popular actor Sidharth Shukla , who has now a great fan following due to his show Bigg Boss. was a desired one when he was seen in the most popular show of colors TV ‘ Balika Vadhu ‘.He made his on-screen debut with this show. He also made news when the rumors of him dating the his on screen mother Smita .They also spent some quality time in Dubai .

Alok Nath and Neena Gupta

The most polite on screen characters of Alok Nath have made wonders in the Bollywood industry . When he was shooting of the movie Buniyad, with the co-star Neena Gupta who was playing the character of his daughter in law . The pair grabbed a lot of attention for dating each other.

Harshad Arora and Aparna Kumar

Image result for Harshad Arora and Aparna Kuma

The programme Mayavi Maling starring Harshad Arora and Aparna Kumar were roumered to date each other . He played the on-screen son of Aparna. Also, while Aparna told the reporters that she and Harshad are good friends and do share a great bond.


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