5 Logical Points From Hollywood that Can Help Bollywood to Upscale Level of Movies

5 Logical Points From Hollywood that Can Help Bollywood to Upscale Level of Movies

Originality isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. One has to work really hard, and put in many efforts. It isn’t easy and doesn’t guarantee success either. In today’s world, originality has become an overrated virtue. You will better understand it if you are an ardent Bollywood fan.

Scripts, scenes, songs, music – Bollywood has copied it all. It’s hard to name a movie which isn’t inspired by Hollywood or a song which doesn’t remind us of an English song. But, if Bollywood does so much of copying, it can copy good things too.

Here are 5 things Bollywood can take note of from Hollywood.

Post 40, women aren’t just mothers!

Unlike Bollywood, actresses doesn’t have an expiry date in Hollywood. They can be 40, married, yet they’ll get the main roles. Hollywood considers talent of an actor, not age. Take Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston for instance. They’ve proved that if you have talent, you can stay in the entertainment industry.

Now let’s talk about Bollywood. Does Bollywood treat its female actors the same day Hollywood does? It’s a big no. The lead actresses from the 90’s are either playing the role of mothers or not getting any more movies.

Script is the main thing

Hollywood doesn’t make movies just to glorify an actor. No matter how big an actor is, their movies only worship script. They’d love to do small yet impactful roles. Despite Sandra Bullock having the main role in the movie Gravity, George Clooney happily took the role.

Whereas in Bollywood, if the movie revolves around the female lead, she is paired opposite a relatively smaller hero. Like Kangana was paired opposite Rajkumar Rao in Queen and Anushka Sharma opposite Neil Boopalam in NH10. And our big heroes are doing movies like Fan and Sultan.

Every actor has to audition

Hollywood actors have to work really hard to bag a role in the movie. Actors had to go through auditions, no matter how big star you are. They had to do script readings and look tests before being finalized for a role.

Have you ever heard a big Bollywood celeb giving an audition for a movie? I accept they do give auditions for some Hollywood movies, but never ever for a Bollywood movie. Why fight for a role, when you have writers to write scripts keeping you in mind.

Awards don’t go to favourites

Oscars are the most honourable award show. Movies from all over the world are considered for this prestigious award. The award only goes to the deserving one. One’s star status is not considered while giving the award.

Now talking about the Bollywood award shows, no need to mention how fake they are. If you are a big name in the industry, you’ll get an award for sure in some random category. And every category has many sub categories.

Movies are shorter in length

Hollywood movies are short, crisp and exciting. They always value time especially of the audience. Hollywood filmmakers make some fabulous movies with great story without them being too long.

Well, no need to say about our Bollywood movies. In Bollywood, conciseness is highly overrated. The movies are always too lengthy. Almost all the filmmakers follow one formula i.e. big sets and even bigger timelines.


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