5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned. Did You Know

5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned. Did You Know

If we tell you that there are some places in  India where Indians have been  discriminate  or restricted , or their entry prohibited . then what will be your reaction?  Feeling shocked , isn’t it? Even after 7 decades of India’s independence, there are still some place in India where Indian’s  treated  as aliens. Even more surprising is that in some of these places Indian owners but they only allow entry  for foreigners.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations  in India which is not open for their countrymen . It can be understood that foreign tourists constitute a major income for those working in the hospitality industry, but should it translate contempt for our own people!

Here’s a list of top 5 places in India where Indian are not allowed

1. Free Kasol Cafe

Free casual cafe in Kasol village of Himachal in Kullu district is one of those popular places that refuse to serve Indian visitors.  about two year ago , Mainly came in headlines when its owner refused to serve a woman from the country and greeted the people of Israel.

2. Uno-In Hotel, Bangalore

its built in 2012 association with Nippon Infrastructure ,due to the increasing number of Japanese clients in the city.but its soon closed down by greater Bangalore city corporation,  For it’s unethical behaviour  towards countrymen . Due to discrimination against Indians, the hotel has been in news several times.

3.Red Lollipop Hostel, Chennai

Situated right in the heart of Chennai, Red Lollipop hostels are reserved only for expats. According to source ,that the place firmly enforces a “No Indian” policy; nevertheless, Indians who have a foreign passport might be allowed to stay there.

4. “Foreigner-only” beaches of Goa

We all love to visit Goa , as its a beautiful and mind refreshing place , everyone want to visit here at least once a time. but u might be upset when u know that there are some beaches where Indian are not allow .Anjuna beach is one of those beaches where you rarely find any  Indian because of the behaviour of local Goans.

Many restaurant and shack owners are practicing this discrimination and preferring foreign nationals with the excuse that their purpose is to save beachwear-clad foreigners from “lusty gaze”.

5. “Foreigner-only” beaches of Pondicherry

Like Goa, some of Puducherry beaches, restaurants and piles also specifically allow entry for foreign nationals. You can see rope or barricade demarcations  made by stacks and restaurant owners to prevent Indians from entering.  An Indian traveler who wrote in his travel experience that after severe reproach, they were allowed to enter through the back door.

It’s difficult to believe such discrimination but it true. Give your opinion in comment box.



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