5 Reasons Why Virat Kohli’s Restaurant In Delhi Deserves A Visit!

5 Reasons Why Virat Kohli’s Restaurant In Delhi Deserves A Visit!

RK Puram has gradually risen as another gastronomical center in the city, and on its rundown of eateries, bistros and bars is a jewel called ‘Nueva’ that was opened by the skipper of our cricket group, Virat Kohli, in 2017. We realize that cricket is a somewhat acrid topic of discussion at this moment, with us not making it to the finals, so we won’t go there; however there is no explanation behind the sustenance and beverages to stop! What’s more, on the off chance that you’re a genuine Kohli fan, at that point you need to visit to his uber chic café in Sangam Courtyard to taste some lip-smacking dishes and craftsman mixed drinks from over the globe!

5 Reasons To Visit Nueva

World-Class Ambience

That is what we’re beginning with in light of the fact that the stylistic layout/feel is the principal thing you see about a spot. In the event that you felt that the association with Virat Kohli would naturally suggest a ‘cricket topic,’ you’re certainly mixed up. Nueva has an exceptionally chic and exquisite feeling, with a winding staircase and current bar and parlor being only a couple of stand-out components. It is spread crosswise over two stories the main floor is a high end food zone while the ground floor is the place the gathering occurs. In general, the spot radiates an extremely grand vibe.

Real Global Cuisine

Nueva has a significant noteworthy and assorted menu with dishes brought from various corners of the world, including Japan, Italy and parts of South America. Hope to enjoy the most real sushi and ceviche, pasta and paellas, and parts progressively, originating from the kitchen of Chef Michael Swamy. Each dish is a blasted of flavors in your mouth and gloats of a blend of energizing fixings.

Craftsman Cocktails

Probably the greatest fascination of Nueva is its curated menu of lip-smacking mixed drinks (and mocktails) that are simply immaculate to go with such heavenly nourishment. Kick-begin your gathering with a fruity Sangria or request that the barkeep make you an altered mixed drink that suits your sense of taste. For the individuals who incline toward something non alcoholic, Baya Beso is an astonishing beverage to go for. It’s made with new pink grapefruit squeeze, a trace of raspberry and starting water!


Finding a spot to relax on the end of the week? Nueva is the place you should be. With its energetic mood and complimenting music, the spot has the ideal vibe to establish the pace for a gathering.

You Might Just Meet Mr. Kohli

We’re completely serious. The Indian cricket group chief has visited the eatery with his better half, Anushka Sharma, and colleagues a few times since it opened. Along these lines, in the event that it’s your day of reckoning, at that point you may very well catch OR even get a move on with Mr. Kohli on your visit to Nueva!

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