5 Wrongly Accused Men Released From Jaipur Central Jail After 23 Years

5 Wrongly Accused Men Released From Jaipur Central Jail After 23 Years

Rajasthan High Court at long last liberated 5 wrongly blamed Muslim men, four of them are from Jammu and Kashmir, from Jaipur Central Jail. These men go through over 2 decades of their life in jail with no wrongdoing. They all were discharged on July 23.

Latif Ahmed Baja (42), Mohammad Ali Bhatt (48), Mirza Nisar (39), Abdul Goni (57) and Rayees Beg (56) were captured in the 1996 Samleti Blast Case and invest their jail energy in Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmedabad correctional facilites.

Mohammad Ali used to sell floor coverings, went to his home in the wake of getting discharged. Here he discovered a large portion of his relatives dead. He straight away went to his parent’s grave. He ended up passionate and said that he is distraught to return, as he is still in grieving. After all his precious ones, Ali presently anticipates his flight to the next world.

Latif Ahmed was just 19-20 years of age and was concentrating in twelfth standard when he was sent to imprison for a wrongdoing that he didn’t submit. Meeting his family after such huge numbers of years, he said that it feels so odd to be back home, it felt like they were conceived in prison.

While frustrated Mirza Nisar asks who will restore those 23 years which he had lost in jail? He says that their reality has changed, their homes have changed and two ages have passed, it will set aside some effort to make sense of their lives.


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