6 Dark & Dirty Secrets of Ranbir Kapoor Proves Why He is the ‘Ultimate Casanova’ of Bollywood

6 Dark & Dirty Secrets of Ranbir Kapoor Proves Why He is the ‘Ultimate Casanova’ of Bollywood

Bollywood is one glamourous industry where everything just seems too perfect. We are often attracted by the luxurious life of the celebs. But have you ever wondered about the hardships and secrets they all hide behind this glam life?

Though everyone in Bollywood has a secret, today we are going to reveal some dark secrets about the Bollywood heartthrob, Ranbir Kapoor.

Alcohol & Drug Addicted

Like father like son. Just as Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor too is an alcoholic and drug addict. He started consuming alcohol and drugs at an age of 15. He is a chain smoker also. You can see him heavily drunk in every party he attends. Some sources revealed that during the shoot of his movie ‘Rockstar’, he was heavily drunk. He was also sent to a reputed rehab center in Austria by his mother, Neetu Kapoor, but that also didn’t help him in getting rid from his addiction.

Commitment Phobic

We all are aware of his casanova nature. Ranbir is a commitment phobic and he can’t get serious in any relationship. We all know he was in a live in relationship with Deepika and Katrina respectively, and later dumped them. Though both the ladies were damn serious about him, Ranbir being Ranbir, doesn’t want to commit in any relationship.

Mamma’s Boy

He has told in multiple interviews that he is a total mamma’s boy. He obeys each and every thing said by his mother and even said that he will only marry the girl which his mother will approve.

Attracted To Married Women

Though Ranbir has dated many B’town divas, but he is more attracted to married woman. According to reports, Ranbir had many secret affairs with married women.

The Ultimate Playboy

Everyone is well aware of this one. He has got a long list of ex-lovers. He ditched Deepika for Katrina but later he dumped Kat too. As of now, he is dating the cutie Alia Bhatt. We just hope Alia doesn’t get her heart broken by him.

Disturbed Relationship With Father

The father-son duo doesn’t share a good bond. According to Ranbir, his father was never there for him during his teenage days as he was always busy in alcohol & girls. Ranbir always saw his anger and arrogance, that’s why he is close to his mother.


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