6 Girlfriend Roles from Bollywood Movies That No Guy Would Ever Wanted to Date any of them

6 Girlfriend Roles from Bollywood Movies That No Guy Would Ever Wanted to Date any of them

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Being in love is so special feeling but what if your partner is a dangerous to a level that he / she is ready to involve in a crime ? Don’t worry readers , we are talking about films and film making , which reveals the beauties as vamps many a times.

Our today’s topic is all about the same . Presenting you 6 most dangerous- gorgeous ladies , whom anyone would scare to date with.

1. Isha from Gupt

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In this suspense thriller , Kajol did a wonder role . She was the girlfriend of the lead Bobby Deol and used to murder the people whom she thinks is a threat to him.

2. Aaliyah from Break Ke Baad

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The carefree Aaliyah or shall we say careless, she was always double minded . She did not want to get married to his childhood love but got that instinct later , when she was about to get married to someone else.

3. Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara’s Natasha

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What say about this character ? she was ready to loose her identity when about to get hitched with his so called boyfriend Abhay Deol. She was over possessive and insecure too.

4. Sonia from Aitraaz

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She is the most dangerous one in the list I guess. Sonia is always ready to put everything on stake , it included her personal relationship too. She wanted his ex- boyfriend back in her life and played several tricks for that.

5. Neha from Fida

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The selfish one in the list is Neha . She got into the relationship with a guy and fooled him later , who somehow ended up in jail because of her .

6. Shruti of barfi

The confident girl who always had her goals clear and things set. Shruti loved her boyfriend too much but ultimately had a clever thought or shall we say ruthless one and she chose stability over love .

So guys!! which is your dangerous one in the list? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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