6 Outstanding Roles Played By Deepika Padukone Which Will Be Unforgettable For Years To Come

6 Outstanding Roles Played By Deepika Padukone Which Will Be Unforgettable For Years To Come

Bollywood has depicted romance in very different ways. From depicting it in a cheesy, all-for love kind of a thing to inter-communal love gone bad. Deepika Padukone has been a part of all shades of romance in her movies. Whether it is a suckfest flick like Happy New Year or something as exquisitely made like Piku, this diva of a lady has portrayed varying shades of love interest in her movies.

As a compilation and a tribute to this bubbly actress, we have compiled a list of roles she has portrayed in her movies that set her apart.

1- A perfectly accurate ‘Probashi Bangali’ in Piku.

Piku is an independent girl who leads her life the way she wants to. Above all, she puts her father first and foremost. It’s a character that speaks to you. It tells you how important a father-daughter relationship is, it tells you that sometimes it’s okay to make compromises and it tells you that happiness is all about the tiny little moments in our lives! Her character was relatable on so many levels and touched many issues of society.  

2- A brave warrior and so much more in Baajirao Mastani.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus Bajirao Mastani generated to a lot of hype. Deepika effortlessly pulled off the role of Mastani. From her expressions to her strong dialogues, the actress had everyone hooked to her performance in the film. A fierce warrior, a passionate lover and a protective mother, Deepika’s character Mastani in Bajirao Mastani was both brave and beautiful.

3- A vulnerable millennial in Cocktail.

A free-spirited, kind, strong and outgoing personality, Veronica in Cocktail was a charmer. The character not only showed her strong side but also portrayed her vulnerabilities and insecurities. While everyone in the film brought their A-game to play, Deepika Padukone simply managed to steal the show. Although she did have a character that went through multiple kinds of emotions like love, envy, jealousy, depression, and regret, she was convincing in each and everyone one of them. 

4- A small-town girl in Britannia Good Day’s new ad film.

Though it is not a full-fledged movie, but Deepika’s small-town humble avatar is unlike anything we have ever seen before. In this video, she does something unexpected when her father leaves her in charge of his shop for a few hours! Within a few minutes, the character teaches us to be fun, ziddi, empathetic, and giving. 

5- An outrageous ‘Sanera’ in Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela.

Whether it was standing up against her mother or expressing her sexual desires, Padukone’s role of Leela in Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela was unafraid and unabashed. She wasn’t the stereotypical, soft-spoken woman who abided by the rules. She, in fact, made her own rules and never shied away from authoritatively putting her points across. Deepika is convincing in her portrayal of the woman who chooses to be monogamous and be with the only man she loves.

6- The other ‘star’ in Tamasha.

Tara is one of the best characters Deepika has ever played. She taught us that no matter what, you should always fight for love. Of course, it can be heartbreaking and super tough, but you gotta keep trying. She taught us that love and only love can change a person. Tamasha shows Tara as the woman who falls in love with a man whose name she does not know. The romance is bubbling but when the vacation ends and they go back to their lives, there is something amiss. Tara’s story is vivid – The Ved she met in Corsica is not the Ved she meets back home. Deepika plays the role of a disillusioned Tara who sees that the real Ved is just a shade of grey of the man she likes. And the way Deepika smiles through her tears hit you where it hurts. Ved is the storyteller trying to find his inner self – a better self than the corporate self he hates and Tara is the right stimulant in his big life story.


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