6 Solid Reasons Why Satyanand Tripathi Aka Bauji Will be Deeply Missed in Next Season

6 Solid Reasons Why Satyanand Tripathi Aka Bauji Will be Deeply Missed in Next Season

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Amazon Prime show Mirzapur is famous for all the pro entertainers and their critical presentation. After the primary season was a superhit , the subsequent season was quite anticipated and now crowd is caught up with viewing the same and the show is breaking a wide scope of records on the web. Among numerous characters , one such character who left an imprint in crowd’s brain is Satyanand Tripathi AKA Baauji. He is the father of Akhandanand (Kaleen Bhaiya) and the grandfather of Munna Bhaiya.

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Baauji is the patriarch of the family, the genuine despot, and unique proprietor of the business. He is a strong headed man however, incredibly tricky.

Let’s checkout some of the special characteristics of Bauji in the series which made him earn respect.


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Being an 80YO , Bauji was intelligent enough to know that his son was impotent and unable to give delight to his daughter in-law and that she needs Raja Bhaiya to fulfil her desires. The patriarch chooses to take matter in his hands. Not exclusively does Bauji deals with the homegrown issue, yet in addition deals with Beena’s needs and furthermore maintaining the honor of Tripathi family.


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Bauji consistently keeps his brain sharp by viewing Nat Geo. This encourages him in upgrading his insight on different assorted themes going from nature, untamed life, to brain research, and significantly more. Bauji has a profound information outwardly world, the climate and human instincts. He comprehends the law of the wild truly well and this is appropriate to the people too in light of the fact that man is the most risky creature all things considered.


Bauji is an extraordinary observer as he can see things that Kaleen and Munna Bhaiya would most likely miss. He can see through individuals and can interpret the goals behind their words and show up at a choice if an individual ought to be trusted. On the other hand, we have seen him directing Kaleen Bhaiya in his issues, utilizing representations to come to his meaningful conclusion in the most unpretentious manner. It was his sharp perception that caused him to find Beena’s affair and guided him to make the vital move rapidly.


At the point when you’re around 80 years of age, individuals would regularly anticipate that you should invest your whole energy in revering and perusing sacred texts, setting oneself up to the hereafter. In any case, Bhauji may be truly old, however his brain still as sharp as a man in his 30s. He can consider methodologies that nobody else can. At the point when JP gave Kaleen Bhaiya a final offer to surrender Munna or he’ll be taken, it was Bhauji who recommended Kaleen Bhaiya to move toward the CM Surya Pratap Yadav legitimately. It was additionally his shrewd foresight to cause Munna to wed Madhuri Yadav, CM’s daughter to give their family’s business a strength.


6 Reasons Why Satyanand Tripathi AKA Bauji Deserves Respect

By looking at Satyanand Tripathi AKA Baauji , anyone can be in an impression that he is innocuous and a harmless elderly person. However, that is the biggest mistake you can make . He can be incredibly perilous in spite of being on an electrical wheelchair. Raja Bhaiya committed a similar error and played around with Beena while Bauji was in the house, accordingly he addressed a grave cost.


6 Reasons Why Satyanand Tripathi AKA Bauji Deserves Respect

The corrupted Bauji’s time came, when their former bodyguard named Maqbool jumped in and fired shots at him and try to harm him . Yet, the genuine shock came when Beena stopped Maqbool from killing her father- in-law, needing the opportunity for herself. At the point when Bauji heard Beena’s solicitation, he wasn’t amazed or frightened and didn’t fear his death as well . In any case, he requested that Maqbool murder him on the grounds that getting killed by a lady would be an affront for him.


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