7 Clever Tricks Used by Bollywood To Make Movies Viral which Lacks in Story & Logic

7 Clever Tricks Used by Bollywood To Make Movies Viral which Lacks in Story & Logic

It’s hard to get noticed. This is especially true in the world of movies, where sometimes there are so many different trailers that they can all feel like white noise. Sometimes, that works in a movie’s favor. If people are already excited about something, they don’t need a ton of marketing to convince them to see it. Other times, it’s important to make a splash.

A movie’s success obviously depends on the people who make it, but it can also depend on how many people are actually interested in seeing it. Making audiences feel like a movie is worth seeing is tricky business, and many marketers are trying crazier things than ever before to make sure that their film gets heard above the noise.

Sometimes the success or failure of a movie is all about how it’s sold to audiences. They let you know you should be excited for what you’re about to see, but you should still see it. 

Here are 7 of the craziest marketing schemes that is being used by moviemakers now a days.

Creating a large budget song

There is atleast one song in the movie that is shot on a large budget. The makers spend a whopping amount on the song so that it remains in everyone’s mind for a long time like Swag Se Swagat in Tiger Zinda Hai or Tamma Tamma in Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

Release a million teasers

The main goal of the makers is to engage the audience till the release of the movie. This is done by releasing many teasers, song promos, dialogue promos and a few trailers. Back then, we used to get a single trailer of the movie and a few songs.

Use feminism to sell a film

Feminism has become a tool for movie makers to promote their movies. Now a days women oriented movies are also being made which is a good thing. Do you remember during the release of Pink, Amitabh Bachchan suddenly decided to write a letter to his granddaughters. That was only a marketing strategy to promote the movie.

Stupid AF challenges that take over social media

Makers now a days start creating some stupid challenges on social media to promote their movie. Remember the make over challenge during Chappak release or the Bala challenge or the famous Prem Ratan Dhan Payo where people were making dubsmashes of the title song and posting it on their social media. These challenges are no more than a marketing strategy to promote the movie.

Fake a relationship

When you cast two popular singletons from the film industry in it, a very simple strategy sometimes works like magic in the film promotions. The strategy is to link the two lead actors and their relationship rumors draw millions of eyes in their direction.  Everyone is obliviously keen on seeing two actors on screen who are dating in real life as well. 

Travel in a train

While promoting Tamasha, Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor travelled by train from Mumbai to Delhi and Shah Rukh Khan too did the same for Raees— and for obvious reasons, their train journey got a lot of media attention.

Introduce Twitter hashtags and emojis

The makers leave no stones unturned when it comes to creating maximum marketing buzz. In order to do so a variety of custom emojis will be released in honor of the upcoming film. Twitter users who post hashtags representing keywords associated with specific characters and themes will see a small emoji-like icon automatically appended to the end of the text of the tag, embedded within the Tweet. Some Bollywood movies who used this marketing gimmick are Tubelight, Befikre, Judwaa 2 and many more.


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