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7 Crazy Facts About Life in Austria That Makes Rest of the World Go ‘WTF’

With plenty of natural, architectural, and cultural beauties, Austria is one of European’s hidden gems and a truly magical destination. Austria is often called “heaven on earth” by the visitors.

Below are seven facts about life in Austria that are actually pretty confusing for the rest of the world!

Less Cab Culture

It’s pretty normal for us to just call a cab whenever we want to go somewhere. But this is not the case in Austria. Austrians prefer to walk up to the subways to use them. Taking a cab in Austria means you’re either very old and not able to walk anymore.

In The Elevator

We are used to seeing only numbers in elevators. But in Austria, you can find letters on the panel. These buttons carry passengers to the rooftop, ground floor, and basement.

No Bedspreads

In most places, bedspreads play an important role in the room interior. But Austrians don’t use bedspreads. The bed itself has no cover on it.


It is unlikely that you will find an Austrian who can’t ski. They are taught this activity from their very childhood. In fact, it is mandatory for Austrian kids to take ski classes.

The Kiss

We usually greet one another by shaking hands or hugging them. But Austrians have a special way of greeting each other. They kiss each other on both cheeks.


Austria’s education system is one of the world’s best. Austrians can study at university for their whole life. Due to the fact that studying at universities is free, everyone goes and they go at any age.

The Special Shelf

There is a shelf in Austrian toilet bowls. Before going to the sewage, the former contents of the guts stay on the surface of a shelf located inside the bowl.


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