7 Crazy Things Done by Bollywood Actors in 90’s Era

7 Crazy Things Done by Bollywood Actors in 90’s Era

The era of 90s was a revolution . Where on one hand , Indian government just spread hands for the welcome of the international market in India , on the other hand some hilarious things were going on in our Bollywood industry . Our super actors were made to perform amusing things which we can relate and just have a laugh .

Let’s see some of them :

1. Chest Hair

‘This looks awful’ many of us might react like this now, but at that time the chest hair defined the masculinity of a man. Now it is all neat and clean.

2. Mouth Organs

Playing a mouth organ by the protagonist was like a ritual which every film was forced to follow. A song felt incomplete without it.

3. Letter Writing

The actress in 90s, would write a long letter before breaking up with the actor, or the actor might leave a message letting the actress know that he will come soon to marry her.

4. Choreographed dance numbers at random places

The actor suddenly wishes to dance, and everyone around him starts dancing with him in perfect coordination.

5. Scene in Sarsoon Ka Khet

If the film is shot in the western part of the country, then village scenes included scenes shot in the fields and especially in Sarsoon Ka Khet. The actress might prance around the whole area or both the protagonists might just lay down and chill before the action.

6. Sad song was synonymous to piano

The actor crashes the actress’s party and starts playing the piano while singing to express his grief.

7. Quirky suit colors

The actors preferred wearing colorful clothes like bright orange, yellow and light blue. Some colors could even relate to florescent 😉

So all the 90s people would have those memories . Let us know which were you fond of but in a hilarious way!!!


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