7 Cricketers & Their Popular Duplicates Exists In This World

7 Cricketers & Their Popular Duplicates Exists In This World

It is said that somewhere out there in the world there is a perfect duplicate of you. They say there are 7 people in the world with almost the same faces. The following seven cricketers have found resembling faces in not just anyone, but in people that most of us are familiar with.

1- Virat Kohli and Ahmed Shehzad

Pakistan opener Ahmed Shehzad and Indian captain Virat Kohli belong to rival-cricketing nations; however, they are much alike in terms of looks. The face cut and their beard style if looked at closely bears plenty of resemblances. Despite the similarity between them, Virat is far ahead in terms of cricket talent. 

2- James Anderson and David Walton

England fast bowler James Anderson is the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket, while David Walton is an American actor, best known for his roles in television sitcoms like Cracking up, New Girl, About a Boy, and Perfect Couples. Apart from their beard styles, their hairstyle also matches. They look alike when they would give a wry smile.

3- Johnny Bairstow and Rupert Grint

Johnny Bairstow is England’s wicketkeeper and right-handed batsmen while Rupert Grint is an English actor and producer who took all the limelight after portraying Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. Due to their eyes and smile, both of these individuals share a striking resemblance.

4- Chris Lynn and Johnny Sins

Australia’s explosive batsman Chris Lynn is known for his stormy batting. However, Lynn’s face resembles Johnny Sins. Due to their bald head and muscled body, the comparison was inevitable. However, Lynn retweeted on the same by selecting adult movie-star Johnny Sins as his doppelganger.

5- Daniel Craig and Dale Steyn

South Africa’s Dale Steyn is regarded as one of the best pace bowlers of all time. Stey’s appearance closely resembles that of Hollywood veteran James Bond series lead character Daniel Craig. These two brand leaders share similar eyes and smile.

6- Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ishant Sharma

This is one of the most common resemblances in the world of sport. The most generic feature between India’s speedster Ishant Sharma and Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the presence of their long hairs. It is also their pointed noses and beard styles that bear the likenesses.

7- Kumar Dharmasena and Tiger Woods

Not many may have noticed the eerie similarities between cricket umpire Kumar Dharmasena from Sri Lanka and American Golf player Tiger Woods. Not only is there complexion similar, but also their smile and face cut. Also, the pair have been central to controversies.


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