7 Lakh to 85 Lakh Salary, Inside Story of Sonia Dhawan, The Woman Who Blackmailed Paytm Founder

7 Lakh to 85 Lakh Salary, Inside Story of Sonia Dhawan, The Woman Who Blackmailed Paytm Founder

Noida Police has as of late captured Sonia Dhawan for supposedly she was black mailing to  Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who was founder of Paytm. She has been accused of the charges of taking all data information of Vijay Shekhar and compromising him to pay her Rs 20 crore or else she would release the information.

Career Diaries

Her career journey has been started before 8 years prior with Paytm and in those days she  joined as Vijay Sharma’s own secretary. Her profession reputation appeared to be incredible and she persistently got advancements inside the organization. VP Communications was her last assignment in the organization and she worked intimately with Vijay Sharma. Her compensation scale developed from 7 lakhs to 85 lakhs in recent years.

The Wicked Mastermind

She alongside her husband Rupak Jain and another worker of Paytm, Devender Singh spilled information from Vijay Shekhar’s workstation. She has been hollowed as the driving force behind such a lot of conspiring. A fourth individual’s contribution likewise came in the spotlight as he was accustomed to making those undermining calls to Vijay, yet the 4th person is still on the run. Additionally, it is stated, that she was the person who continued giving directions from behind to the guest and then again had go at persuading Vijay to pay the sum.

The Alleged Reason

Each of them three were looking for some property speculation worth crores yet none of them had the fund and afterward their brains took a revolting turn and they intended to take information from Vijay Shekhar and afterward compromise him for money.

Despite the fact that each of them three have been working with Paytm for a considerable long time, she was the special case who got such a large number of advancements. She obviously had requested a 10crore worth organization in Paytm while joining, however then she worked her way up in the organization. She has prior worked with Times Internet as Business Operations Manager.

after a long inquery and investigation and consequent pursuit, a hard disk with critical information of Paytm has been recouped from her home. They have been sent on a remand of 14 days.