7 Less Known Actors who are Exceptionally Better then The Khans!

7 Less Known Actors who are Exceptionally Better then The Khans!

Here are several faces who are new to industry but their acting is up to mark and impress the audience from their first work. And they are counted that they are not less than to big face but they known lesser than

Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi shown his worth in Kaleen Bhaiya from the web series amazon prime original is no doubt great artist. He has seen in gangs of wassepur and his acting was super . In this movie he has supporting role and impact the audience from first expression.  He hail from Bihar and do good job with his role.

Manoj Vajpayee

HE is also from Bihar and his dream to be a good actor as well as successful. He has achieved two awards on national level. He is a hard working actor and he is self made actor he struggled a lot even he dint get the admission in National School of drama. He was rejected 4 times. But after a hard work he got the admission and he was offered to be teacher in National School of drama.

Irfan khan

Irfan Khan did many movies and his work has been appreciated in most of the movies. He did some blockbuster Paan Singh Tomar and Karwaan. He did Slumdog millionaire which is Oscar winning and Talvar also comes in the list of Oscar wining list. He also earned scholarship to study in National School Of drama.

Pankaj Kapoor

He is known as a walking institute of acting. He is three time national award winner and he is the father of Shahid Kapoor and he is counted as a versatile actor in bollyoood.

Boman Irani

Who doesn’t know Boman Irani . he is well known face in Bollywood but before entering in Bollywood he was waiter  and he was photographer. He started acting after a long time even in late age. But when he entered in the bollywood there was no space to go back. His work was appreciated and he becomes well known .His blockbuster movie was Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage raho, 3 idiots, Khosla Hindu Deity Ghosla

NANA Patekar

Acting of Nana Patekar is super se be upar He knows how to be live in the character. He is the sole actor who wins film fare awards  for simplest supporting actor best actor best villain .

NAwazuddin Siddique

HE is one of the greatest actor in this year.he was the student of National School of drama and he is the example of hard key to success. His best movie gangs of wassypur and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.