7 Times Bollywood Actors used Technology to Look More Fitter and Younger

7 Times Bollywood Actors used Technology to Look More Fitter and Younger

We have all seen movies where we think, how did this actor/actress manage to look so different here? What anti-aging pills are they on? Where did all the body fat go?

Well, in some cases it takes real hard work to undergo a massive transformation, and then there is the magic that CGI and VFX brings to screen.

Want to know better with examples? We’ll give you many instances where the actors revamped their looks totally to suit the character and story through CGI.

Salman Khan

Talking of flexing of muscles, what better way to start with than the mention of Salman Khan? The Bollywood superstar is well-known for flaunting his muscles in almost every other movie but in not each of those instances does he boast his real muscles.

Although the actor has undergone huge transformations and now possesses a burly appeal, back in 2009 while filming Wanted, the makers used VFX for a scene in which he goes topless. The movie sequence depicts a six-pack while in reality, Salman cut a flabby figure.

He also used the same techniques for Jai Ho and Dabangg 3.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan had to play two distinct roles in the movie Dangal, one is 60 year old Mahavir Singh Phogat and another one is 20year old version of Phogat. Amir gained around 30 kg of weight to play the wrestler’s old age version and he had to lose weight for second phase of the film. Though he lost some weight but in order to look more younger, CGI was used.

Shah Rukh Khan

He may be the Baadshah of romance, but Shahrukh Khan too has had his fare share of muscle flashing over the years. Om Shanti Om, Happy New Year are some of the films of the recent times where we saw him shirtless. Despite building a solid physique for Happy New Year, some CGI was used on his body to make him look extra chiseled.

But in the psychological thriller Fan, the makers used VFX to make him look younger for his other character. Essaying a double role in the movie, the character of Gaurav Chandna required Shahrukh to look 20 years younger. Difficult it may seem, but thanks to prosthetics and some visual effects it was made possible.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput looks exactly like Mahendra Singh Dhoni in this biopic. Whether it’s the body language, the cricketing shots or his characteristic simplicity, the actor has channelized every aspect of the superstar cricketer with great effect. In this film, we also saw an excellent implementation of CGI. During the film, many iconic moments in Dhoni’s career like winning the t20 world cup and winning the ODI World Cup were recreated. While the makers used the original videos in the film, we see Sushant’s face instead of Dhoni. The scenes are so convincing that if we had not seen the actual version with Dhoni in it, we would never be able to tell if they have replaced someone’s face in it. 


The seasoned actor ruled the roost in the 90s, but essays supporting yet influential roles in several movies today. Nevertheless, even a comical actor like him has got to show off a toned physique in front of the camera, case in point the forgetful Happy Ending. One of the scenes in the movie witnessed Govinda tearing his shirt apart and boasting a six-pack. But as per reports, it is mere camera trick to enhance his body muscles.

Akshay Kumar

The king of high adrenaline and heart pounding actions, Akshay Kumar seldom shows off his muscles though. The Khiladi has maintained a great physique to keep him ticking, but taking his shirt off isn’t his attribute. Yet in his 2013 flick Boss, Kumar was seen ripping his shirt in the climax to flaunt his bulging abs. Though the fact that the scene was one of the few saving grace of the movie is a story for another day, those brawny muscles were nothing but a result of visual effects.


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