7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires

7 Weirdest Things Done By Millionaires

Who doesn’t dream to become a millionaire or even a billionaire? Imagine, never having to worry about paying any bills, spending all your money as you like and on whatever you feel like and not having to get up and do the 9-5 grind every single day are reasons enough for anyone to want to become a millionaire. But unfortunately while we grind our days out in the sun, there are a lot of millionaires who are flaunting their wealthy status in some of the weirdest ways possible. Money does have a certain power over people and can make anyone go a bit crazy, but the extent to which these millionaires have gone cuckoo will baffle anyone!

1. Tony Toutouni

Tony Toutouni is quite a rich man from Iran but his family left the country in 1979 after the Islamic revolution. Tony tried his luck in business, USA. He got successful and earned tons of money.
The strange fact is that nobody knows about his source of income. His all time job is to attend parties, roaming around in expensive cars, staying in 5-star hotels. The weird thing he does is literally throwing his money on people and people eagerly wait there to catch it.

2. Yuri Milner

This millionaire-Yuri Milner is quite curious about finding out life on another planet that he announced his 100 million dollars to be spent on a mission to find Alien existence on other planets.

Yuri has the property of 2.8 Billion Dollars. Another strange thing about this is Stephen Hawking is also happens to be a part of it.

3. Richard Branson

Richard Branson is an insanely rich person and the things he does are even more insane. One time he lost his bet to one of his friend Tony Fernandes, about the match and because of this, he had to work as an air hostess in a 6-hour flight from Australia to Malaysia. And he did it. Richard was so involved that he even shaved his legs, put on red lipstick along with the red skirt, wore makeup and a wig and worked as a flight attendant.

4. Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, is a rich man who doesn’t believe in spending exorbitant money on useless thing rather he prefers to splurge on basic facilities.

He travels in a public transport, never throws unnecessarily money on expensive restaurants, and still uses his pension card in order to get a discount. He is now 90 years old. This is one of the weirdest things we heard from a millionaire.

5. Travers Beynon

He is called as the Candyman. This man treats women as an object. He put leashes on half-naked women and makes them walk like a dog. This is the weirdest thing possible to do with your money. He also throw parties and gets intimate with multiple women at the same time.

6. Leona Helmsley

She was the one who wrote her will to her dog instead of her grandchildren. She was so obsessed with her dog that she gave him the property of 12 million dollars before she died.

While her two grandchildren received just 5 million dollars and the rest two got none. She was very mean towards her family even when she was alive. Probably one of the weirdest things to do with your money.

7. Nicholas Berggruen

Nicholas Berggren was the person whose idea of life changed his complete perception of money. The man who used to hold the property of 2 Billion Dollars used to travel in expensive cars, stay in five stars hotels, had lavish dinners and was so used to parties and all suddenly decided to give up all his money.

At the age of 45, he started travelling, lives in small resorts which was far removed from the luxurious hotels that he was once used too.