7 Weirdest Wedding Traditions That Will Make You Grateful For Being Single

7 Weirdest Wedding Traditions That Will Make You Grateful For Being Single

There are different type of customs has followed by people around the world during wedding ceremony. Some things  at weddings seems to be weird and trolled and here we have collected some most bizarre wedding ceremonies which has neither super nor sensible yet despite all of us follow such a ritual. We are the part of numerous weddings and we follow the customs which have made us charmed by the way that what sort of traditions has to be followed. Although there is no sense but these tradition has to be followed just because it is followed by our forefathers

Scotland – Blackening Of The Bride And Groom

There are various traditions has follwed on the planet and we even don’t think about it like in Scotland the bride and groom has to be followed weird tradition during wedding ceremony. They have been poured with such huge numbers of things like flour, sediment, custard and molasses and they are likewise darkened and bound to march everywhere throughout the town. As it might sound abnormal yet according to their custom, they need to do this ritual just before they get married.

Romania – Keeping The Bride Hostage

This tradition is really weird. According to this weird tradition, bride must be hostage in the room of Hotel till than groom has to bargain with the bottle of wineand he has to announce the affection of love in front of public. This look very weird and hilarious.

German – Smashing Dishes

In this tradition, the relatives of bride and groom crushes each delicate dishes and stuff to bring good fortunes for the couple. The relative do in front of the couple home . This regular custom is known as Peltrabend where this tradition is followed with over whelmed.

India – Robbing Groom’s Shoes

During wedding ceremony, the bride’s sisters hide the shoes of the groom and they demand money to give back the shoes of the groom . It becomes a great bargaining among grooms relative and bride relatives. Grooms relative tease the bride’s sisters.

Indonesia – Can’t Pee For 3 days

In Indonesia a tribe that pursues this custom where the couple after marriage can’t pee for 3 days according to their belief if the bride and groom follow this , their luck would be shine and they will have good fortunes and cheerful life after marriage. To make this custom conceivable food has been offered them in a limit quantity to avoid the pee and the member of the family look after the couple just to check them that they are following it or not .

China – Crying For One Month


For the Tuija people in China have this custom that the bride has to start the cry beginning of the entire month before the wedding and after 10 days  her mom participate in it she started to cry with her daughter  than following 10 days her grandma goes along with them, in such a way the entire month turned into a crying fest. according to this tradition it is accepting that bride cry for the good luck for new life and she is content with happiness yet in the event that she doesn’t cry, the people will imagine that she will bring poor reproducing.

China – Shoving Arrow On Bride


In China ,there is a unique tradition followed by people during wedding . Not a actual arrow but fake arrow. The groom shove the arrow to the bride and this has been done three times than groom collect the fallen arrow and break down them. This tradition followed by Chinese Yugar people and they believe that it’s for everlasting adoration.