7 World Famous Celebs Who Underwent Drastic Teeth Transformation

7 World Famous Celebs Who Underwent Drastic Teeth Transformation

We all know that a good amount of money and a dollop of fame can help in enhancing your appearance. We see it all the time. Celebrities who rise up the ladder to fame, are suddenly transformed. It’s undeniable that a bit of extra cash can help celebs to look polished and preened. And there’s one thing we’ve noticed after famous faces rise to the top – their teeth transformation.

Some of our favorite A-listers have undergone major teeth transformations. Some swapped their crooked gnashers for a bright set of teeth. While some went for veneers, others completely had their smiles renewed.  

Here we take a look at the before and after pictures of celebrities who underwent major teeth transformations:

1- Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has stolen millions of hearts with his smile. But pre-fame days show Tom sporting a severely wonky set off teeth, with huge gaps and a slightly yellow tinge.

But these days, Tom shows off an immaculate set of pearly-whites. This is one transformation that needed to happen!

2- Cristiano Ronaldo

Long before he became ultra-famous, the footballer had a slightly different look. His teeth were discolored and one tooth was growing behind the rest of his teeth, which showed signs of chips.

But thankfully he found a good dentist who worked a bit of magic on the athlete. With no gaps and teeth even whiter than before, his renewed smile then became a million-dollar one.

3- Zac Efron

Zac Efron became a teenage heartthrob after the debut of Disney’s “High School Musical.” His serenades and good looks shot him to fame with teens everywhere, many of which found the gap in his smile to be charming. 

Zac may not have gotten veneers, but he did get cosmetic dentistry to fix his teeth and close that gap, and opted for whiter teeth.

4- George Clooney

The “Sexiest Man Alive” was on a path to the least sexy smile. George Clooney is actually one of many who grinds his teeth and was doing damage to that famous smile.

Before he got his teeth down to nubs, Clooney got a full set of veneers after his Facts of Life days. He also had crowns added to strengthen and lengthen his teeth and now sports a straight smile.

5- David Beckham

Although always gorgeous, David Beckham’s teeth weren’t quite as pretty. In his early days, his teeth were crooked and not as aesthetically pleasing.  

After a teeth-whitening makeover and some veneers, Beckham’s teeth now complement his rugged good looks.

6- Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck may have a larger-than-life presence on the silver screen, but his smile was the exact opposite during his early days in Hollywood.

Before being a lead star in Hollywood, Affleck had extensive work done on his tiny teeth. He is believed to have a combination of veneers, crowns, and teeth whitening to brighten up his grin.

7- Niall Horan

In case you should forget how young those One Direction boys were when they started the band: here’s the gorgeous Niall Horan before braces.

Once One Direction made it big, Niall changed a few things up — like his teeth. In fact, he was more than willing to share his dental visits on Twitter, whether he was tweeting about regular visits or letting everyone know that the braces were finally coming off.


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