8 Bizarre Facts about World’s First ‘Princess with Mustache’, Must Check #7th

8 Bizarre Facts about World’s First ‘Princess with Mustache’, Must Check #7th

There is no second opinion in this that everyone in this world whether a man or woman, everyone wants to look beautiful. But what if I ask you to define the beauty of a woman. Will your answer contain a woman with a moustache on her face? Surely Not! But today, I am going to tell you about a woman with a moustache on her face known as the symbol of beauty.

Everyone wants to know beautiful, but beauty is not linked with white colour, white skin or slim and smart body. Beauty comes from within a person. As of today, people think that beauty is only linked with a slim and stylish body and being fat is a sin. But in the 19th century, the definition of beauty was linked with a fat body and a moustache on the face of the woman in Persia.

Although through increased interaction with the Western world has changed the beauty standards since there was a woman who should be mentioned when talking about Persian beauty in the 19th century. Yes, I am talking about Princess Qajar.

Here are a few interesting facts about her:

1- She was a true epitome of beauty at her time. Princess Qajar was declared a symbol of beauty in Persia and was coveted by many men. Thousands of men wanted to marry her, 13 of whom committed suicide upon being rejected by the princess.

2- She had a bachelor’s degree in English and was a writer and a painter too. Her net worth was 300,000 US dollars at the time of her death in 1936. She died at an age of 58.

3- Princess Qajar was a very outspoken person and her smartness was praised by everyone during that the time. This was the reason why the royal lady became so popular. She was considered beautiful not because of her physical appearance but because of her inner beauty and pure soul. She was the epitome of inner beauty and simplicity.

4- Her full name was Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh (1883-1936). She was the daughter of the King of Persia, Naser al-Din Shah. She was an intellectual, a writer, a painter, a feminist and a trailblazer for women’s rights in Iran.

5- She had four children, two daughters and two sons from her husband Amir Hussein Khan; though, they divorced later on. Among her lovers was there a Persian poet, Aref Qazvini, who wrote a poem about her named “Ey Taj”.

6- Zahra was a pioneer feminist in her era. She was one of the founding members of Anjıman Horriyyat Nsevan (the Society of Women’s Freedom). She worked for women’s rights in Iran. She was an intellectual woman, a writer, a painter, and an activist. She was the first woman in court to take off the hijab and wear western clothes.

7- Her writings and scripts are a major source of information which is still stored in middle eastern universities. From Tehran University to Harvard, her life is a subject of academic studies.

8- She was born in Tehran, Persia and followed Islam religion. To your surprise her body measurement was 33-30-34 with black hairs and black eyes. She loved Italian food and her favorite place is known to be London. Her hobbies included traveling and reading.


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