8 Bollywood Pairs Who are of Same Age But Looks Shockingly Different

8 Bollywood Pairs Who are of Same Age But Looks Shockingly Different

We’ve all established that age is just a number. And our Bollywood celebrities are bound to age a little more gracefully than others and sometimes never. Sometimes you may look at a celebrity and still not be able to guess their age because it’s like they haven’t aged a day! So much so that it will come as a surprise to you that some of the celebrities are of the same age as some other ones.

Here are 8 celebrity pairs that we bet you didn’t know were of the same age!

1- Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, & Milind Soman- 54 Years

The three Khans of Bollywood, Amir, Salman, and Shah Rukh, are roughly the same age. The trio shares the same birth year i.e. 1965. Milind Soman also shares the same birth year with the Khans but somehow manages to look like he’s barely into his 40s.

2- Hrithik Roshan & Nawazuddin Siddiqui – 46 Years

Both of them are exceptionally talented and super successful! Although they are of the same age, Hrithik is definitely an amazing looking one!

3- Sunny Deol & Alok Nath – 63 Years

I am sure all Sunny Deol fans are not going to like me for this but it’s true. Sunny and our very own Babuju aka Alok Nath were both born in 1956. Sunny definitely does not look 63, even today but Alok Nath used to look like in his 60s when he was in his 30s.

4- Farhan Akhtar & Ram Kapoor – 46 Years

Though Ram Kapoor looks considerably young after getting back in shape. However, a few years ago, it would be really difficult for anyone to believe that he and Farhan Akhtar are of the same age.

5- Gajraj Rao & R Madhavan – 49 Years

Another example of why one should regularly hit the gym form the right age. Gajraj Rao looks like someone who is almost in his 50s while R Madhavan, does not look a day older than 40.

6- Manu Rishi & Saif Ali Khan – 49 Years

Another pair who are 49 years old. While Manu looks like someone who is in his 50s, Saif Ali Khan looks like he has just hit his 40s – thanks to the years of self-care, working out and grooming treatments.

7- Akshay Kumar & Dilip Joshi – 52 Years

The actors are 52-years-old but one is the biggest superstar of big screen and the other is an actor from small-screen. While Akshay still does not look like he’s 52 years old, Dilip too does not look 52, but considerably younger.

8- Boman Irani & Sanjay Dutt – 60 Years

The high strung Dr Asthana – Boman Irani’s character in the hit Munna Bhai series – goes on to become Sanjay Dutt’s father-in-law in the film. Irani is, in real life, as old as his screen son-in-law. Both the actors were born in 1959, a few months apart and are 60 years old at present.


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