8 Famous Celebrities who converted to Islam for Peace

8 Famous Celebrities who converted to Islam for Peace


Known for his exceptional music structures, the amazing Indian music maker/artist/lyricist was conceived, in a Hindu family, as Dileep Kumar. While his mom, roused by Sufism, had a place with an Islamic family before her marriage, Rahman grew up as a Hindu. It was simply after he met Qadiri Islam, when his more youthful sister fell extremely sick, that he was attracted to the delightful goals and estimations of Islam. Propelled, he before long changed over his confidence.


A standout amongst the most productive and surely understood player of Pakistani cricket group once in the past famous as Yusuf Youhana additionally grasped Islam and progressed toward becoming Muhammad Yousuf. The batsman who is known as the foundation of Pakistan’s center request changed over to Islam in 2005 and from that point forward he is a rehearsing Muslim.


Do you know Cassius Clay… He is none other than the well known boxing champion and Olympic medalist, Muhammad Ali. He was sanctified through water as a Christian and named Cassius Clay on birth. Notwithstanding, in 1962, at 20 years old, the boxer met Malcolm X, who acquainted him with the Nation of Islam, a continuous religious development to help enhance the state of African Americans. Motivated, Ali before long changed over to Islam, under the mentorship of Malcolm X. In 2005, he started following the Sufism routine with regards to the religion.


Bollywood on-screen character Sharmila Tagore, the honor winning on-screen character changed over to Islam when she began to look all starry eyed at the late Indian Muslim cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and changed over to Islam before wedding him. She was conceived a Hindu, however changed over her name to Ayesha Begum after her marriage. The couple was honored with three youngsters on-screen character Saif Ali Khan, gems creator Saba Ali Khan and performing artist Soha Ali Khan.


Dharmendra (conceived as Dharam Singh Deol) is a standout amongst the most magnetic on-screen characters that Indian film has ever had. The dashing performing artist had apparently changed over to Islam in 1979. The performing artist was hitched to Prakash Kaur when he experienced passionate feelings for on-screen character Hema Malini. He would not like to separate from his significant other however couldn’t wed again according to the Hindu Marriage Act. So he changed over to Islam and wedded Hema. From that point forward he has kept up two separate families. It is said that since there were numerous challenges amid his second marriage, the performing artist had no other choice than to change his religion to legitimize his association with Hema Malini.


In 2009, Ayesha Takia got hitched to her sweetheart Farhan Azmi who is a restaurateur. They got hitched in a regular Islmaic Nikaah service on March 1. Numerous media reports guarantee that Ayesha who was destined to a Hindu dad and Anglo-Indian mother changed over to Islam to get hitched to Farhan. Ayesha has never unmistakably turned out to toss any light on her change, regardless of whether she did as such or not.


Bollywood on-screen character Amrita Singh was conceived in a Sikh-Muslim family. She made her Bollywood make a big appearance in 1983 with Betaab and conveyed a few hits like Sunny, Mard and Saaheb. Amrita, who pursued the Sikh religion since birth, changed over to Islam just before her marriage to on-screen character Saif Ali Khan, who was Muslim by birth. Following thirteen years of marriage, they separated in 2004. Be that as it may, Saif’s present spouse, performing artist Kareena Kapoor Khan, has not changed over to Islam.


The popular Bollywood on-screen character of nineties Mamta Kulkrani grasped Islam when she was discovered blameworthy in a carrying case with her better half in Dubai airplane terminal. The on-screen character turned Muslim when she was confronting her conviction in Dubai.