8 Eye-Popping Facts About World Popular Car Brands That You Hardly Knows

8 Eye-Popping Facts About World Popular Car Brands That You Hardly Knows
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When we talk about the long drives and great music with our loved ones , one of the important factor that comes in consideration is car in which you spend those lifetime memories . Your car is your friend but have you ever thought about the facts these cars have .

Today, we are making you aware of some of the fun facts about the most expensive car brands in the world.

Have a look as under:

1. Lamborghini Initially manufactured tractors

The owner of the brand Lamborghini is Enzo Ferruccio Lamborghini . Originally , he owned a tractor company. It was later , when he decided to make a car as his Ferrari infuriated him and he was not happy with the purchase. The very first Lamborghini car was Lamborghini 350GTV.

2. The Meaning of Toyota’s “T” looking symbol

The Toyota’s ‘T’ looking symbol is formed by the combination of 3 ovals out of which 2 ovals overlap in the center to reflect the relation and trust that Toyota has with it’s customers and companies. The third oval that encircles the other two indicates the expansion and endless opportunities of Toyota. Also, this logo forms a steering wheel if you notice carefully.

3. Here’s why Volkswagen is called the people’s car

Brands like Skoda, Bugatti, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and Audi falls under Volkswagen . That is the reason why it is called people’s car. According to reports, 1 out of 3 cars in Germany & 1 out of 10 cars across the world is a Volkswagen. It’s really surprising !!

4. The cost of the spirit of ecstasy on Rolls Royce

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One of the expensive brand Rolls Royce has a spirit of ecstasy on the bonnet. It has a great value , if we talk in terms of finances. When BMW purchased Rolls Royce in the year 2002, they had to pay around $40 million so that the winged lady could be used.

5. Daniel Craig has the access to drive Aston Martin cars for life

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Daniel Craig was awarded for his role in James Bond; now, he has that privilege of accessing any Aston Martin, throughout his life. That’s a wonderful offering certainly!!

6. Meaning of the word Lamborghini “Countach” was derived

We have already told you about the Lamborghini but the version Countach of the same was discovered while making designs .It all happened when one of the senior designer shouted “Countach”. With the unique design of the car the meaning is also next level . If we translate Countach into English, it means “Holy F**K”.

7. Interesting story of BMW logo

BMW used to manufacture helicopter propellers before making cars and that was the perception of many people about the logo of the brand. The combination of white and blue colour shows the free state of Bavaria which was the part of Germany that came under USSR ,post II World War.

8. The colour of Mercedes arrow was grey and not silver

In 1934, Mercedes Benz mechanics had to scrape off the white paint and putty on the W 25 in order to meet the weight regulations. The car was scraped down to its metal body and then sold. This paved the way for the idea of Mercedes Silver Arrow.


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