8 Misconceptions Foreigners have About India which are totally Rubbish

8 Misconceptions Foreigners have About India which are totally Rubbish

India Is Hot And Sweaty

India is hot  place. Not at   all , India has a most diverse weather situation and  coldest place in  India   .DRASS(JAMMU &KASHMIR )     often  as second to the coldest place inhabited on Earth.

That All Indians Are Brown  Skin


Foreigners have misconception that only  brown skin colour  of Indian people .it’s really funny to hear such a thing. It is hoped that they will know that India is a diverse  place and all the skin people live happily here

Indian Speak a language Called ‘Indian’

fist Indian is not a language , in India 22language is official ,n 1652 mothers tongue , and english and Hindi is most Commonly use for communication.

Indian food is spicy

Another stupid misconception about India is that Indian food is to much spicy to eat .
 India has a more  variety food than half the whole world .and  our desert to much tasty beyond your imagination .

India Is A Country Where Only Hindus live.

India is a place where all religious people lives happily ,not just particular one.  HINDUSTAN name   was given by the Arabian   ‘Industan’ world refer to the land  beyond the Indus river.  so India is a place where all people can lives.

The Spoons And Forks Are Foreign To Us

we eat food with hand because we love to eat food with hand and feel comfortable . it’s doesn’t mean that we didn’t know how to eats food with spoon, can any my foreign friend tell me how to eat PANIPURI with spoon .

Indian People Only Wear Saris And Kurtas

Indian has no dress Code. lolx .    yeah definitely we belong a good culture and tradition . but  is does not mean that  Indian only wear sari its entirely  depends on choice ,Whatever you want ,wear . there are number of choices in cloth to choose .

All Indian Smell Like Curry

this is nothing more than hilarious because they do not know  that many of Indian don’t even take breakfast   before bathing.