8 Most Famous Offices All Around The World Which Are Homes for The Luckiest Employees

8 Most Famous Offices All Around The World Which Are Homes for The Luckiest Employees

We all wish to have a spacious beautiful environment that every time whoever visits wish to stay there. Here are listed the 8 most famous and amazing offices that are popular in their own stream and their amazing looks makes anyone lucky. Some offices are known for their trademark and social activity and some for their amazing designs and looks that make them feel at home. So now let’s take a look at some amazing offices.


The Google office is available all around the world. The employees feel like at home because of their designs which look so refreshing.

Selgas Cano Architecture

Their offices are in the middle of the trees feeling more connected to nature. This is an architecture firm which designs various places and offices.

Inventionland Design Factory

Their office design is also amazing that you will feel like you just entered another dimension. It is a Pittsburg based immersive work environment where ideas of any project are bought to life.


YouTube is a video based website which provide users to bring their talent into the large platform. Their office has a really cool sliding exit.


Facebook is a very well known social media network where people communicate. Their office looks are remarkable.

White Mountain Office

Their office looks like it’s located inside a mountain and the looks are also breathtaking. It is also an architecture firm where they design for others.


Operated by an American company, Dropbox is a file hosting service. You will love to work there because of their sophisticated office.

Pallotta Teamworks

Their office is not like other offices. Their office has some tents, shipping containers where the employees work.