8 Plus Size Television Actresses Who Have Proved That Size Doesn’t Matter, Talent Does

8 Plus Size Television Actresses Who Have Proved That Size Doesn’t Matter, Talent Does

Nowadays beauty is considered as the most prominent feature of a woman. India is the country where being a beautiful girl is sort after. People measured the beauty of any girl by her size, shape and color. According to our society if a woman is slim, tall, fair then she is beautiful but otherwise not.  This inaccurate outlook of people makes every single girl more conscious and underestimate themselves.

In the present day, body shaming is a quite normal thing for every fat girl to face, but here we have an amazing list of some fabulous plus size divas from the entertainment industry who just redefined the beauty goals with their stellar success. They are curvy, confident, bold and most importantly, an inspiration for many .

Let’s take a look at some of these gorgeous ladies of telly land who have proved that size matters nothing.

Bharti Singh

The successful laughter queen, talented actress and amazing dancer, Bharti Singh today is not bound to any introduction. She is one of the actresses on the small screen, who has become an inspiration for all the fat ladies who used to hide them or had low confidence. Bharti Singh’s advertisement of Joy Body Lotion with a message for India’s changing perception about parameters of beauty further helped people change their mentality. In one of her interviews, she said:

“My weight has been constant for a long time. I go for a full-body check-up every six months. I’ve never had any weight issues. Main jab paida hui thi, tab hi overweight bachha thi. Plus, being a Punjabi, I’m fond of eating. I have no plans of losing weight. In fact, my weight is my biggest blessing today.”

Anjali Anand

The beautiful and charming actress, who started her acting career with a web series ‘Untag’, was recently seen in Star Plus’ show ‘Dhhai Kilo Prem’. Though she is a fresh face in the indusry, her confident looks and beauty has won everyone’s heart. Her personality and talent can give any slim and sexy model a run for money.

When asked about her plus size and the topic of body shaming in India, she said, “It’s time for this country to change its perception about people who are different. I proudly say I am not part of the crowd, I am six feet tall, my shoulders are a mile broad and I love how I look. I am A Model. You putting a tag of plus size, curvy girl etc. on me doesn’t change the fact that I’m doing my job because that’s what I came here to do. Demeaning the way I look is only going to make this society a smaller person which they already are, if they’re standing next to me.”

Delnaz Irani

She is one of the most successful overweight actresses in Indian TV industry. Not just the TV serials, the beautiful and chubby lady has also worked with various big Bollywood stars including Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and many others. She has proved her talent with her glamorous look and acting skills.

On curvy figure, she was once quoted saying, “From walking for Shaina NC to a recent ramp walk for a plus-size fashion brand, I’ve done it all with confidence. When people look at me I want them to see a strong confident fat women who is doing all the things that they sort of associate with thin women. Yes, I am a plus size and I can walk the ramp. I am a plus size and I can rock almost all the fashion trends.”
She further said, “Because at the end of the day, it’s all about you as a person and not what you weigh on the scale. As long as you are comfortable with the way your body looks, as long as you are healthy and fit, as long as you enjoy the way you are, what is the need to change? Why inculcate a change that you don’t even want in the first place, just because people expect you to want it.”

Rytasha Rathore

The ‘biggest bahoo’ of the television industry Rytasha Rathore became a household name after her appearance in the show ‘Bado Bahu’ is a really cool woman in real life. She never let’s anyone judge her on the basis of her looks, weight or size. She is proud of her body and doesn’t even shy from wearing bikini or short dresses.

However, it took her some time to accept her heavy body, talking about which she said, “It took me a long time to accept my body and be fine with it. Of course from a health point of view, I know I should lose weight but purely as an aesthetic thing I know I am damn cute, sexy and beautiful. I think after studying acting things changed for me. It made me feel I will always be amazing no matter what and I shouldn’t listen to other people.”

Chandani Bhagwanani

Chandani Bhagwanani is one of the popular faces of the television industry who started her career as a child actor. The actress not just won hearts with her cute looks but also with her talent. From a child actor to the lead actress, she has covered long journey in the television industry, but her weight never become a hindrance in her success.

When working in Amita Ka Amit, the lead actress Chandani said, “I have been part of the television industry since I was young and I know how it works. Television actresses who play lead roles are beautiful and slim, whereas I am a little plump. But I wanted to do a show that has a not so slim girl like me in the lead. My show is about a slightly overweight girl’s wishes to have a man of her dreams.”

Vahbiz Dorabjee

This Parsi beauty today is a well-known name in the television industry. The actress who is known for her roles in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani and Bahu Hamari Rajnikanth has curvy figure.

Though the pretty lady has lost some weight recently, but this is not because she has some problem with her voluptuous frame but for health reasons. She believes in individuality of each person and wants everyone to have own identity.

Akshaya Naik

Ananya from popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is another TV actress who is full of confidence and doesn’t let her weight affect her extraordinary talent. She is not just an actor but also a trained dancer a trailer of which she showed in one of the episodes in the show as well.
When talking about the mentality of the society about curvy women, she said, “We, as women, need to get out of this entire nutshell of being PERFECT ! Unfortunately, PERFECT has always been portrayed to be fair, slim, wearing fully covered clothes, well-mannered and obedient.

Well, we need to overcome this. As long as you love yourself, you are PERFECT and noone has the right to destroy your self-confidence to be WHO YOU ARE. Thin, fat, fair, dark, tall, short – you are BEAUTIFUL.”
She says every woman should flaunt her curves with all the grace.

Pushtiie Shakti

This bubbly and pretty lady has worked in many TV serials as well as movies with various big stars. This one of the most loved plus size TV and Bollywood actresses have proved that curves can’t become hindrance in your success if you have talent.

When talking about weight and industry’s notion regarding it, Pushtiie once said, “I have to agree that there was a time when I thought – haye main toh bahut moti hoon (oh! I am very fat). When I was doing theatre, many people would come to me and say you’re so pretty but I wish you’d lose some weight. That irked me. Then I thought- But this is who I am! Why can’t you like me this way?”


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