8 Problems With Teenage Girls Of This Generation

8 Problems With Teenage Girls Of This Generation

Understand that time was extremely different even a decade ago. It was crazy. If you wanna know how different it was, you can just look at the teenage girls and you’d know. They are so different from teenage girls say couple of decades ago as well. This is worth your time. Take a look…

Emotional anchors

Because of such things, you cannot really believe a girl today when she acts a little flirty with you. I mean, nothing wrong with this! Nothing at all!

Are these even problems

Young kids as 10 think that they have a deep understanding of the world, some may have though but boyfriend problems, seriously? I mean are these even problems for real? Sounds so stupid!

They were easy back then

They’ve lost that simplicity nowadays! Back then, girls were nice and simple. Girls today are no more that simple, if anything, they are the most complicated creatures ever! Earlier gatherings were all about memories and good talks but now everything is about grabbing attention.

Everything for the camera

Everything that girls do nowadays is for camera. If not everything, most of the things that they do are for Camera for sure!

13 is the new 18

This is one of the truest statements for this generation. Today, 13 is definitely what 18 used to be once upon a time!

Even posing has changed

Even the way they used to pose has changed! So much has changed in just matter of years! This is so crazy that its not even funny!

All what they need is

Yes, young girls can no more be characterized as young girls. At least by the standards our society set in all these years! All they want is to look good and beautiful with the help of cosmetics and weirdness to, no matter what is at stake.

Somethings never change

Okay no matter what happens, somethings about women would never change. Never ever! No matter what!