8 Royal Things that are Proudly Owned by SRK which Shows his Spendthrift Lifestyle

8 Royal Things that are Proudly Owned by SRK which Shows his Spendthrift Lifestyle

Arguably the biggest movie star in India as per his net worth of Rs 5,100 crore Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom is unmatched. With an impressive annual income of Rs 256 crore, it is no surprise that the badshah of Bollywood will own luxury items and that too quite a few. From a number of uptown properties to a fleet of luxury cars, SRK is truly ‘King Khan’ when it comes to living life.

The superstar is the proud owner of a number of expensive things that will blue your mind. From expensive watches to luxurious cars and villas all across the world, Shah Rukh Khan owns not only luxurious homes but also hi-end cars like the Bugatti Veyron, Harley Davidson and Rolls Royce Coupe.

Here are 8 ridiculously expensive things, that Shah Rukh Khan owns.

1- Land on Moon

Shah Rukh Khan owns the land on the moon too at Rs 2,500 per acre. This is a gift for him from his Australian fan who buys a piece on the moon on his birthday and gifts him the deed from the Lunar Republic Society.

2-Custom designed Vanity Van

Actors and myths about their luxury vanity vans are never a surprise. We have heard stories about Robert Downey Jr’s vanity vans on set –he brings so many that it looks like a mini-island. SRK too isn’t far behind. The actor owns a number of them, but the best one is custom designed and priced at Rs 3.8 crore.

3- London Home

Park Lane is a neighbourhood in the English capital which has the most expensive properties that even the wealthy Englishmen can’t afford. But, SRK in 2009 bought a house in the heart of the neighbourhood. The house owned by him here cost him Rs 172 crore.

4- Dubai Villa

We have only ever had the opporutnity to read about this luxurious beach house of the actor or see it in pictures and that’s possibly the closest we will ever get. Located at Palm Jumeriah, the luxury villa cost the actor Rs 24 crore for the 14,000 sqft plot which includes a private pool, independent beach area and two remote-controlled garage spaces.

5- BMW Series

Shah Rukh Khan owns a BMW-6 series costing 58,000 pounds, a BMW-7 series costing 60,000 pounds and a BMW i8 costing 105,580 pounds.

6- Mannat

Arguably the most iconic house in Mumbai, Shah Rukh Khan’s prime property on the Bandra beach front is a sight for envy. It is also the favourite place for fans in Mumbai to get a selfie clicked. Those who are not able to meet the actor in person are content to get a picture in front of his house. With Greek architecture and lush interiors, SRK’s Mannat is truly a gem and has a present market value of Rs 200 crore.

7- Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob

While Shah Rukh Khan isn’t as big an enthusiast for motorbikes compared to Salman Khan, John Abraham or even former Indian cricket captain M.S. Dhoni, but a man’s got to own one beast at least. SRK owns a Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob – a top of the tier rugged cruiser bike which cost him Rs 10 lakh. The motorbike is 1800cc with max 67 horsepower.

8- KKR

Finally, it is time for Kolkata Knight Riders – we have seen him jumping from the stands, screaming and cheering for his boys and even get into a fight at the Wankhede Stadium for which he got banned. But his enthusiasm for his team never lessened. The co-owner of this IPL team is a proud leader of KKR and do you know how much his team is worth? – Rs 548 crore.

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