9 Dark & Dirty Sides of Bollywood That Most of Struggling Actors Faces to Get a Big Break

9 Dark & Dirty Sides of Bollywood That Most of Struggling Actors Faces to Get a Big Break

The Hindi film industry is full of glitz and glamour. Bollywood attracts wannabe actors from around India flocking towards Mumbai and struggling to make a mark in the industry. But as every coin has two sides, this industry too has a dark side which is always kept under wraps. The actual reality of is coated in artificial glory.

While heirs from the filmy families get the benefit of backing from their parents and know how to course through the Bollywood lanes, those from ordinary backgrounds face an intense struggle and stiff competition.

Sometimes struggling actors have to make a lot of compromises to get a big break. Some actors don’t make compromises with their dignity, some agree to give sexual favours to directors in order to get big roles in movies.

Here are all the compromises struggling actors have to make.

Casting couch

In this competitive industry, film producers and casting directors hold positions of high power because they are the stepping stones that will lead you towards your dreams. However, this has given them a lot of power and sadly, since a long time, they have been exploiting it. Cases of sexual abuse and exploitation have been around from the early days of the film industry, and many women went through it to land their dream role.


Most of the filmmakers demand sexual favours from the struggling actors, and when they deny, these filmmakers force themselves on them and molest them. While some actors oppose to such favours, some accept them in order to get a break in the industry.


Getting a work in Bollywood is no cakewalk. Struggling actors has to go through alot from getting insulted by directors to endless waiting, they go through every demeaning thing. And the major disappointment for them is the rejection. They face many rejections through their struggling period, in a hope to get a break.

Living in miserable condition

Due to lack of resources, the struggling actors had to live in miserable conditions. Even the top actors when in their struggling period, had to go through this. In order to survive in a big city, they had to live in a one room house or even sometimes share it with others.

Spend money beyond their limitations

To secure a position in the industry, they have to spend money beyond their limitations. From expensive photoshoots to paying for their makeup, they have to spend a lot of money.

Compromise with self-respect

As talked earlier, they had to go through casting couch. And if they agree to the favours for the role, they are somehow compromising with their self respect.

Choosing demeaning professions

The industry is filled with failed actors more than the successful ones. These actors come to fulfill their dreams and when they are unable to achieve that, they end up taking demeaning jobs.


Most failed actors end up their life when they face rejection. The percentage of failed actors, who have committed suicide due to failure, is quite high in the industry. This is surely not the compromised but the final outcome of failure in the Bollywood.

Cutting ties with family

Struggling actors, mostly from conservative families, leave their houses when their family doesn’t support them. To fulfill their dreams they cut all ties with their family.

It’s evident that things need to change a lot more in Bollywood at the ground level.


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