9 Highest Paying Jobs, Abroad.You Can Get Without A Bachelor’s Degree

9 Highest Paying Jobs, Abroad.You Can Get Without A Bachelor’s Degree

It’s always been said that studies are the lifeline for a good bank balance and personal grooming as well. But have you ever heard that only basic education can make you lots of money.

Today, we are presenting you some of the jobs , which are paid a handsome amount , abroad.

Let’s have a look:

1. Funeral service managers

Funeral service managers

We all know about this, the funeral service manager does not require any degree . They only direct the planning and services of funeral homes and they earn well for this . Their annual salary is $73,830 (Rs.47.25 lakhs).

2. Gaming managers

Gaming and Casino Management for Lifelong Learning

The job of gaming manager , doesn’t require more than a pass out of 10+2. However, the person should be good at planning and coordinating gaming operations in a casino. Their annual wage is $69,180 (Rs.44.25 lakhs).

3. Power distributors and dispatchers

Power distributors and dispatchers

The power distributors and dispatchers are responsible for coordinating, regulating, or distributing electricity or steam. The qualification , needed for the job is , high school diploma or some other equivalent qualification. The annual salary is $81,900 (Rs.52.50 lakhs).

4. Commercial pilots

Airline or Commercial Pilot Career Profile | Job Description ...

To become a commercial pilot , the only thing required is to pass 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and maths. After that the license (CPL) is given according to the skills of the pilot . The annual salary of a pilot is expected to be $77,200 (Rs.49.50 lakhs).

5. Nuclear power reactor operators

Kursk Nuclear Power Plant - Wikipedia

A high school diploma or equivalent is required for the job of Nuclear power reactor operator . Their work includes starting and stopping equipment, record data, adjust controls and when required, implement emergency procedures. Their annual salary is $91,170 (Rs 58.50 lakhs approx).

6. Radiation therapist

Radiation therapist

The associate degree is required for the job of a radiation therapist. People good with observation are a perfect fit for this job. They have to observe the reaction of patients during the treatment, document about it, checking the equipment. Their annual salary is $80,160 (Rs.51.50 lakhs).

7. Elevator installers and repairers

Elevator installers and repairers

One has to be a pass out of the school , to get this job . It includes maintaining, installing and repairing electric or hydraulic freight or escalators, passenger elevators. Their annual wage is $78,890 (Rs.50.50 lakhs).

8. Detectives and criminal investigators

Detectives and criminal investigators

One of the toughest job needs an easy qualification .It just needs a high school diploma or equivalent. Also , the smartness and curious mind . The annual salary for this job is $78,120 (Rs.50 lakhs).

9. Power plant operators

What does a Power Plant Operator Do - How to Become a Plant Operator

You only need a 10+2 school degree or equivalent for this job. Their work is to control and maintain machinery to generate electric power. People in this job earn $74,690 (Rs.48 lakhs) .


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