9 Illogical things Actresses Do in Bollywood Movies which are Impossible in Real Life

9 Illogical things Actresses Do in Bollywood Movies which are Impossible in Real Life

Bollywood movies have set up such unrealistic standards, especially for the girls, that would never happen in real life. Mostly the things which are pretty normal in movies are not at all normal in real life. There are things that happens in nearly every movie but never happens in real life.

Here are 9 such things women do in movies, that more than likely will never, ever happen in real life.

1- Fall in love with our stalker

Answer me a simple question. What would you do if a guy is continuously stalking you?

If this ever happens with me, I’m gonna take him to the police station for sure. And I think every girl will do the same. But this doesn’t happens in our Bollywood movies. Rather than taking the guy to the police, the girl eventually falls in love with her stalker and marries him. Need some example. Watch R… Rajkumar or Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and you’ll know for yourself.

2- Nobody wakes up looking like perfection

What do you look like when you wake up in the morning? You wake up looking like a mess, right? Well every girl does. But in our Bollywood movies, the heroine is shown as she just stepped out of the salon, perfectly brushed hair with a lot of makeup. No girl wakes up with a natural makeup done. Also, who sleeps with the makeup done?

3- Marring the person who kidnapped and, almost, killed you

Will you marry a person who kidnapped you?? No, na. Not even in dreams.
Well in our Bollywood movies, a girl is totally okay when the hero kidnaps her and she ends up marrying him. Crazy, isn’t it?

4- Girls have no career goals

Mostly in movies we are shown that the girl has no career goals even if she has a job. She usually gives more preference to the guy rather than her career. Her only goal is to be with the guy. Seriously who does that??

5- Wearing skirts/chiffon sarees in the snow

Which girl will dare to wear a mini skirt or just a chiffon saree in a place where temperature is in single digits or maybe negative? Well, this happens only in our movies where girls wear barely any clothes in such temperature and boys are fully packed from top to bottom with jackets and boots.

6- Assuming that your love can change a boy

Agar mera pyaar saccha hai to wo zarur sudhar jayega.

Seriously girl.. How can you even think about it? If you ever fall in love with a playboy, chances are you will end up getting hurt, no matter how much you love him. He’s not gonna change at any cost. There’s no such thing as pyaar ki taqat. Only filmi things.. huh.

7- The magical makeover

Don’t ever think that just by changing your attire and putting off that spectacles will make you a beauty queen. There’s no such thing as a magical makeover as shown in movies. We see suddenly a simple looking girl turns glamorous and everyone around her (who usually didn’t like her before) suddenly starts liking her. This thing never ever happens in real life. If by chance this happens then you are not liked for what you are, you are only liked just because of your appearance.

And a serious advice for all the girls out there, Don’t ever change yourself for anyone. And remember, Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

8- Faking some disease just to get away from the guy

Have you seen Half Girlfriend?? In the movie, Shraddha lies Arjun Kapoor about having cancer. Do you know why?? Just because she had commitment issues. *shocked*

No girl in real life will ever fake an illness just because she has some commitment issues. Simply telling the guy that she doesn’t want to continue further with the relationship will do the task. One doesn’t have to change countries or fake any illness.

9- Dancing in the rain

Have you ever danced in the rain with lots of makeup on your face, open hair and wearing a saree? First of all the makeup will completely ruin because of rainwater (if you are not wearing waterproof makeup) *wink*. The second thing your hair will stick to your face as if you have applied oil and chances are very high that you will trip over while dancing in that saree. There are many other things also, but let’s just not elaborate it that much. Our Bollywood beauties doesn’t face any of these problems in the movies. I often wonder how can someone start dancing on the road (Sushmita Sen in Maine Pyaar Kyu Kia) or a railway station (Shraddha Kapoor in Baaghi) as soon as rain starts??


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