9 Points are Enough to Prove Why ‘Akshay Kumar’ is far Better than all the Bollywood Actors

9 Points are Enough to Prove Why ‘Akshay Kumar’ is far Better than all the Bollywood Actors

Akshay Kumar needs no introduction! Twenty years into Bollywood and never once has he stopped being a source of inspiration to millions of his fans. Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia was the name given to him by his parents.

A real story of rags to riches, a benchmark of physical fitness and the first Bollywood actor to earn 2,000 crore thus far in his career, Akshay Kumar is the epitome of what a man can achieve without giving up on his morals and ethics.

Here are some reasons why Akshay is better than any other actor. Have a look:

1- His never-say-never attitude earned him the tag of being a versatile actor. Akshay’s movies stand tall as proof of the fact that he has never shied away from taking up roles that were out of his comfort zone. Started from action, then tried romantic roles, and finally, made us laugh with his comic timing. Akshay has proven his mettle in all genres of cinema.

2- He failed time and again but never gave up on his way to the top. Compared to any other actor he is the most hardworking actor of Btown.

3- Akshay doesn’t do movies just for the sake of money. He makes sure that his movies inspire people. Movies like Toilet- Ek Prem Katha and Padman are a proof of the same.

4- Akshay is famous for his discipline. His dedication to fitness hardly needs to be spoken about, one of the fittest guys in the industry, he does not take any chance when it comes to his health. Also he reaches to his shootings on time.

5- In 2011 in order to support low budget movies, Akshay Kumar opened a production house named Grazing Goats Pictures.

6- Unlike his Bollywood peers, Akshay has never been fond of controversies. Twenty years into the industry, he can still boast of a clean record, and that in itself is a herculean task.

7- Family before everything! And nobody but Akshay stands as an ideal example of a real family man. He is a loving husband and a super cool dad too! 

8- He is actively involved in various social works but never boast about it or show off about what he is doing. Humility doesn’t come easily with all that fame and money, but Akshay throughout his time in Bollywood has kept himself rooted to the ground.

9- The man rose from scratch. From the cramped streets of Chandni Chowk to being a chef in Bangkok, and ultimately one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood, Akshay made it to the top without any godfather, all thanks to his dedication and hard work.


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