9 Realistic Awards We Want To Give Bollywood Celebrities

9 Realistic Awards We Want To Give Bollywood Celebrities

Award season is round the corner and of course, they will feel like nonsense. Whatever it is but they’re always paid in any case? It’s not surprising that every year for no reason new categories are introduced. Additionally, the number of organizers facilitating these shows is just increasing every year. But watching award shows will be fun.

Since we may never get that chance in reality, we thought we should live the dream online. If Bollywood had realistic awards, here’s what we think they would be.

1- Most quiet–Deepika Padukone

Are you also irritated about how Deepika never talks sincerely about anything? Particularly things that are important. Her supposition is in every case politically right to the point it appears as though it’s machine-fed. Speak out Deepu!!

2- Always energetic–Ranveer Singh
We had to accept that he is always high on energy!

3- Mr. IDGAF–Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir’s photographs now a days simply make him resemble like he has ditched up on life. He’s simply carrying on with the rich celeb life.

4- Winner for life–Ayushmann Khurrana
A devoted husband, always styled to perfection and with the most movies, Ayushmann is the only one who deserves a real award.

5- Credibility, who? Award– Ananya Panday and Janhvi Kapoor

Regardless of doing one-two pictures each, these two have exploded via social media like they’re 45 movies old.

6- Best PR award–Sara Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan
The Kapoor-Khans step-kin merit this like no other. You need a committed group of PR experts to make you the most loved names on the internet. Particularly with one being only two pictures old and the other being a 3-year old kid.

7- Mother of dragons–Kareena Kapoor

Kareena is the supreme authority of Bollywood. Nothing more needs to be said!

8- KJo’s daughter award–Alia Bhatt
Anybody see Alia any longer nowadays? Seems like the Dharma camp came to get her and there’s no chance to get out. What befell the remarkable entertainer? We miss her.

9- The New Ranbir Kapoor–Kartik Aaryan

The gossipy tidbits about all of the girls he has dated in the recent past is giving us cancer.


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