A Chinese Husband wakes up from coma after 5 yrs and this is what he said to his devoted wife

A Chinese Husband wakes up from coma after 5 yrs and this is what he said to his devoted wife

Love isn’t just about sticking by each other through the good, but being equally committed when things turn for the worst. This was proved by this Chinese woman who stuck by her husband who was in coma for the last 5 years and never gave up.

Back in 2013, Li Zhihua, a resident of Hubei, China went into a coma after a road accident. After five years of being in the vegetative state, he has finally risen from the coma, thanks to his loving wife who nursed him devotedly more than 20 hours a day for nearly 2,000 days.

His wife, Zhang Guihuan, who is 57, slept for no more than three hours a day, as she single-handedly took care of him through all these years.

And the very first thing that the man said upon awakening from his  5-year coma was “Wife, I love you!”.

Describing his condition, Dr. Wan Qing’an told reporters, “When he was taken to the hospital, he was in a vegetative state. He could not respond to anything.” His wife, however, was not happy with the diagnosis and wanted to prove the doctors wrong.

So all through the days and nights, the courageous woman took utmost care of her husband, staying right next to his bed every day to chat with him and play his favorite songs, and slowly nursing his body and spirit back to health. Not only is that touching, but also brave of her to take it upon herself when all other help seemingly failed.

It appears that her hard work and devoted service hasn’t gone in vain at all as Li woke up almost miraculously sometime last year. The most touching thing that happened was when Mr Li finally woke up was him saying to his wife, “Wife, I love you!”

The head nurses at the hospital said about Li’s wife that “She taught her partner many movements and patiently demonstrated them to him without any complaint.”

This woman truly deserves the “Best Wife of the Year” title for not giving up on her husband. The story of this couple had truly taught us that true love really does exist. We hope that Mr. Li will have a speedy recovery and the couple will have a blessed life ahead.


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