A Cow’s daily visit on a garment shop in Andhra Pradesh has boosted it sales

A Cow’s daily visit on a garment shop in Andhra Pradesh has boosted it sales

While north India is gearing up for winters, south India is still battling the heat. And just like us humans, animals feel the need to stay cool too.

Stray animals such as dogs tend to sleep under cars but just imagine what happens to the stray cows and buffaloes? Interestingly, this cow has found out a way to deal with hot summers. This stray cow has been visiting a cloth store in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa district every day for a few hours for the past six months. 

Every day, for the past six months, this stray cow enters a local shop “Sairam Showroom” and sits there for hours without disturbing anybody. According to a report, the cow has been coming to the shop too cool down on hot summer days. 

The cow randomly picked this place and decided to sit there. First time the cow entered the shop, the customers created ruckus and the shop owner tried to push the cow out. The cow overlooked the owner and sat for two-three hours, then got up and left. 

And since then, this became a habit. The cow comes regularly to the shop except when the shop is closed. 

“It comes every day and sits under the fan. But if we shut off the fan, it simply walks away. It has never troubled any customer, urinated or soiled the white mattress that covers the floor. It relieves itself only after leaving the store,” the shop owner said. 

After the cow came to their shop everyday, people started asking other people about the ‘cow shop’. Women also offer bananas and worship the cow with turmeric and vermillion.

Above all this, the shop owner also says that since the cow has stepped into the shop, their sales have shot up. The shop owner decided to make this cow his shop’s mascot after people started enquiring about the ‘cow shop’. 


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