A Curious Fan asks Sonakshi Sinha about Her Marriage Plan, Actress responds in a Crazy Way

A Curious Fan asks Sonakshi Sinha about Her Marriage Plan, Actress responds in a Crazy Way

“Shadi kab kar rahi ho?” This is one such question which every girl has heard in her life. I mean, you turn twenty or thirty, and people around you (especially those mohalle wali aunties or dur ki rishtedar) constantly keeps asking you this question. Agree? I don’t understand why others have so much interest in others marriage? Everyone has their own choice, some girls even don’t wanna marry.

Our Bollywood divas are no exception. They also face such questions now and then. The latest one is Sonakshi Sinha.

Sonakshi is an inspiration for many. Her journey to success was a cakewalk. She was constantly trolled and body shamed. Despite that, she came out strong. When she came on the show, Pinch by Arbaaz Khan, she opened her heart out and addressed all the online trolls. She even schooled the people, who think that getting married is the only important thing in life.

Recently, Sonakshi hosted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram. Soon, fans started asking her questions like, ‘When you are going to get married’ and ‘If you would marry your husband name’.

To which, Sonakshi replied, “No will marry full husband not just his name.” She further added, “Kaha pe milta hai yeh? Where can I get it? Koi bata do. ‘Ps: itni chinta toh mummy papa ko bhi nahi rehti’.” 

A fan wrote ‘Marriage’ on her story, she answered his question with the definition of marriage. Obviously he was asking about her marriage plans, but the way he went blank after writing marriage so Sonakshi replied in a funny style.

Talking about her dream man, Sonakshi in an interview with Brides Today, said,

“Someone who gives me space and never ties me down. Never marry for the wrong reasons.” She had also shared the name of her crush and had said, “The only actor that I ever had a crush on was Hrithik Roshan because of Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai.”

Sonakshi in an interview with Filmfare, told that she is her parents favourite child as they prayed for a daughter. She said,

“I told you I was always the pampered one. My mother (Poonam Sinha) tells me they prayed for a girl because they had two boys already. And when I was born, I got all the attention by default.”

“My brothers were in boarding school, so I used to accompany him everywhere, even to the Filmfare Awards. I wanted to go the same school that my brothers studied in but I wasn’t sent there. When I finished school, I wanted to go to abroad for further studies but my parents were like ‘how can you leave us, you’re our only daughter’. Anyway, I had a great time growing up in Mumbai so I have no complaints,” she added.

We loved how Sonakshi answered the question about her marriage.


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