A Fan Proposes to Taapsee Pannu Just Because He is ‘Virgin’, Actress Gave Him a Cracking Reply

A Fan Proposes to Taapsee Pannu Just Because He is ‘Virgin’, Actress Gave Him a Cracking Reply

People say “love is when you look into someone’s eyes and see everything you need.” Well, if we go by this logic, we guess ‘Baby’ actress Taapsee Pannu has got way more than what she bargained for. Because she just got the world’s best proposal from a guy, who until now was considered rarer than a unicorn.

This man is so ‘perfect’ that even the ‘Limited Edition’ category will feel insecure in front of him. In short, men like him do not exist in the real world or so we thought.

But, thanks to the Internet playing cupid, Taapsee found a man who is the perfect candidate to become the Principle of Alok Nath Academy of Sanskaar (if an institution like this was ever made.)

While, we were too busy feasting on some delicious chicken wings and beer, a non-alcoholic vegetarian virgin man took that opportunity and floored Taapsee with his epic proposal. Next time when you crack a joke on vegetarians, remember this man who got Taapsee to notice him with his ‘vegetarian love’.

In a time when we can’t even slide into someone’s DM, this man not only got her e-mail ID, but also sent her a proposal without getting blocked or arrested.

But, being a ‘sanskaari munda’ is not the only trait he’s got. He mentioned that he is even ready for a lie-detector test, narco test and brain mapping test.

Taapsee was so impressed with her fan that she posted his epic proposal on Twitter with the caption, “Bas ab life mein aur kya chahiye. #BestProposalever #VegetarianLove”

Hold on to him Taapsee, do not let this perfect man slip through your hands.


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