A Ghostly Fish Spotted With lookalike ‘Human Face’ On Its Head, Viral Video surfaced online

A Ghostly Fish Spotted With lookalike ‘Human Face’ On Its Head, Viral Video surfaced online

There’s a whole world of animals on land and water that humans haven’t yet discovered and every now and then we come across some extremely strange creatures, like this fish with a human face. 

You read that right!

Someone just spotted a fish with a human-like face swimming around in a Chinese lake and it’s a stuff of nightmares. 

When I say ‘human-like features’, I don’t mean ears, hair and a torso, unfortunately. If it did look like that then we’d have just discovered a real-life mermaid, and I definitely would have led with that.

Instead, this was a fish with a human-like face, with dark eyes, two spots resembling nostrils and the illusion of wide lips.

Check out the odd, human-esque creature here:

As well as ticking eyes, nose and mouth off the list of human features, the fish appeared to have a bridge above its eyes, which gave the look of a forehead, as well as the shadow of ears.

It was spotted by a woman in China, who saw the carp near the surface of a lake in the Miao Village, a tourist destination in the city of Kunming. The intrigued visitor then decided to film the strange scene to share with others on the Chinese site Weibo.

Upon seeing the fish, the woman filming said: “The fish has turned into a fairy.”

‘Fairy’ might be too nice a description if you ask me – I imagine fairies to be delicate, sparkly little creatures with intricate features – not flat-faced fish.

Instead, I think the fish resembles the Transformers mask. Or maybe the video is actually some excessive optical illusion or eye test where you have to guess what you’re looking at?

It seems the woman who filmed the video is the only person who saw the magical side of the strange animal, as social media users deemed the fish ‘scary’ after footage of it was shared online.

People were understandably freaked out by the sight. One person commented: “This is scary.” Another replied: “Who dares to eat it?”

Though the human-faced carp is certainly unusual, it isn’t the first of its kind, as other fish have gained attention in the past for having ‘human teeth’.

Maleah Burrows was on St Simon’s island in Georgia, US, when she came across the lifeless body of a fish in the sand. But when she had a close look at the fish she saw it had ‘human teeth’.

Talking about it she said, “We were just walking along the beach and it was washed up far from the shoreline and caught our attention. I originally thought it was a plain old fish – nothing exciting, but I still wanted to show my three-year-old. Then as we got closer I saw all the teeth and I was shocked because I’d never seen anything like it!”

The 31-year-old from North Carolina said, “It had really thick, large scales on its body which was interesting. It had an entire mouthful of teeth – they weren’t pointy but blunt like an animal’s. Behind its first row of teeth were buds that filled up its entire mouth. I’m not sure what they were, but I’m guessing more teeth.”

According to the reports, what Maleah found was the remains of a sheepshead, a fish that uses its teeth to crush shrimp, crabs and mussels. The fish is usually found along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the US.

The sheepshead has teeth measuring upto 15mm long and over time they can grow upto 76cm long and often reach half a metre in size.

Damn nature, you really are scary! 


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