A Jerk Tries To Rape Woman, Group of Strangers Chased Him Away & Then Gang-Raped Her in a Park

A Jerk Tries To Rape Woman, Group of Strangers Chased Him Away & Then Gang-Raped Her in a Park

In a country where rape victims are stigmatized, very few women gather the courage to raise their voices against the heinous crime. And we should celebrate each and every such women, who are not letting the societal pressure tear them down to fight for justice.

One such woman is this 21-year-old woman, who is raising her voice against her culprits to ensure that she gets justice.

What happened with her would break your heart. When a man was trying to rape her, another group of men came forward to save her. But to her shock, these “saviours” themselves raped her instead.

This heart-wrenching incident happened from 500 meters away from the police post.

The police have arrested four men – Ravi, Brijkishore, Pritam, and Umesh. While they’re still on the search for the other 2 accused, Guddu and Shamu, it is suspected that one of the assaulters is the victim’s acquaintance.

As per the police, the victim went to Sector 63 to meet Ravi to discuss a job opportunity in the export company that he’s a part of.  It was then that Ravi took her to an isolated where he tried to molest and rape her.

The brave victim started screaming for help to save her from Ravi. And, after hearing her voices, when the two men came closer to the scene, they started beating up Ravi who eventually fled.

But, hardly the victim knew that rather than saving her, these people will prey on her in the most horrible way.

As Ravi escaped, the two strangers not only raped the victim but also called their friends to do the same. The gang not only took turns to rape this 21-year-old but also beat her up before fleeing the crime scene.

The brave victim gathered the courage to file the FIR against her culprits at around 9:30 pm. While recalling the horrifying condition of this brave woman, Vaibhav Krishna the senior superintendent further added:

“The girl was bleeding and needed urgent medical attention when she approached the nearby police post; she was rushed to the hospital immediately. She is out of danger now but she was beaten up badly by the accused.”

The brave victim is not only struggling with external injuries but also the mental trauma of the heart-wrenching incident. As per Anurag Bhargava, the Chief medical officer of Gautam Buddh Nagar added:

“A team of doctors are constantly monitoring her condition. We are trying our best to take her out of fear.”

Though the Noida police forces are still looking for the two accused, the authorities have announced a reward of Rs 25,000 for anyone who shares information about their whereabouts.

We are in awe of the courage of this 21-year-old, who rather than choosing to stay silent is fighting for justice. We not only adore her strength but also hope her courageous story would make our society applaud the courage of the victims rather than shaming them.


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