A Man with Fake name ‘Nisha Jindal’ Has Been Arrested for Polluting Social Harmony on Internet

A Man with Fake name ‘Nisha Jindal’ Has Been Arrested for Polluting Social Harmony on Internet

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How many times have you been chatting to strangers? Also liking them so much so that you become a fan of their’s or fall for them.. But what if it comes to ground realities and that special someone turns out to be a fraud? In this world of internet , where all are curious to some new friends and stuff in their life, some people are there , who just have fun misleading others via technology .

Same thing happened in the case of Nisha Jindal , who has 10,000 fans on her profile but in reality , let’see this Nisha Jindal first:


Shocked?? police was investigating the Facebook account over inappropriate posts and found that the account is being run by a man. The profile had the description as — ‘I am Nothing Without My Lovely Princess Daughter.’

If we go with the reports , the man was running false account on other social media platforms too where he used to trick people with such accounts. Ravi is an engineering student and according to the reports, he is not being able to clear the examinations from the past 11 years. The cops have caught him by tracing his IP address.

Fraudulent internet sites can remain anonymous due to privacy laws ...

The cops forced him to share his real pic on the Facebook page so that everyone can know about the ‘real’ Nisha Jindal.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel also praised the authorities for exposing such people who trick social media users by creating such profiles. He took to his twitter account and said :” No fraud will be spared. Let us reveal all those element who wish to mislead.Good job @RaipurPoliceCGhttps://twitter.com/PriyankaJShukla/status/1251560693540589569 …

Check out his tweet below:

Netizens gave their reaction in this way:

So guys and gals , this can happen to anyone , all we can say, choose your fan clubs wisely!!

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