A Netizen Was making Fun of Pune Police on Twitter But Pune Police replied More Savagely

A Netizen Was making Fun of Pune Police on Twitter But Pune Police replied More Savagely

Being an active social media user , you must have come across the viral video of Zomato’s ‘happy rider’ that has melted everyone’s heart with his sweetest smile.

After his video gone viral, the flood of memes just broke internet making him a celeb of the memers 😉

Keeping in mind the same, Pune Police via their official Twitter handle also came up with a hilarious meme on the viral image of the ‘happy rider’.

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In their tweet, the Pune Police takes about the sense of happiness one feels when you haven’t forgotten to wear your helmet and later spot a traffic policeman. The ‘Pune Police’ wrote:

“That smile when you spot a traffic policeman, but you haven’t forgotten your helmet. #Happiness #ZomatoBoy

Let’s checkout the tweet :

When the tweet got posted , it went viral within no time . Twitterati gave many hilarious reactions and the best one came from the Maharashtra Police . It quoted :

“That smile when you know you’re a bigger celeb than those not wearing a helmet! #RoadSafety #ZomatoBoy”

Let’s have a look at the tweet :

Netizens just loved the tweet of the Maharashtra police but one of the social media user came up with a clever reply . He quoted : “That smile when police officer miss to catch you in nakabandi”

Let’s have a look at his tweet too:

Maharashtra Police was quick to take notice of the tweet and come up with a funny reply to it and trolled the Twitter user hilariously. Maharashtra Police wrote:

“That smile when we inform our team and you get caught in the nakabandi ahead”

See the tweet below:

Well!! we all saw that ultimately Maharashtra Police had the last laugh and got him in a hilarious way …

On this note , let’s watch Zomato’s happy rider video once more :


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