A PG Student Delivered Pizza To A UG Student, Proving That Job Crisis In India Is Real!

A PG Student Delivered Pizza To A UG Student, Proving That Job Crisis In India Is Real!

As of late there was a report in media about individuals with expert capabilities, for example, M.Tech, B.Tech, and MBA, postgraduates just as alumni, applying for crafted by sweepers and sterile laborers in the Tamil Nadu Assembly Secretariat. In another humiliating minute for the Center, an official study, which has been retained by the administration, demonstrated India’s joblessness rate rose to a 45-year high during 2017/18. Unmistakably, all isn’t well on the occupations front in the nation.

As of late, an understudy moved toward becoming observer to this circumstance, and was left awestruck when a postgraduate man came to convey the sustenance he had requested on the web.

Portraying the entire episode, Shouvik Dutta composed on his Facebook:

“It was one of those standard checkouts requesting sustenance when I was shocked after I was refreshed with the subtleties of my conveyance operator.”

Shouvik had requested his sustenance from nourishment conveyance application Zomato. The application enables individuals to know fundamental insights regarding the individual conveying their nourishment.

For Dutta, Kolkata-based Meraj, was there to convey the nourishment. Aside from being conversant in Hindi and Bengali, the sustenance conveyance fellow had additionally finished his post-graduation.

In the wake of realizing that Meraj is a well-qualified individual, Dutta composed:

“Presumably the main time I lament requesting sustenance from Zomato.”

In this Facebook post Dutta further included:

“We had a speedy visit were I became acquainted with he was a M.Com move on from Calcutta University and furthermore done PGDM in Finance or Investment banking something comparable.”

At that point he posed the relevant inquiry:

“What have we done to this nation? What have we done to this state where a Master’s Graduate conveys sustenance to the customary Undergraduate Teenager? What message does it send?”


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