A Pic of Gulab Jamun Pizza is trending, Netizens wants to Burn it down now

A Pic of Gulab Jamun Pizza is trending, Netizens wants to Burn it down now

It is arguably one of the most hotly debated topics: is pineapple an appropriate pizza topping or not? I mean, are a few chunks of pineapple on pizza really all that bad? It can’t be as bad as chocolate pizza.

But just when we were trying to figure out what’s what, a restaurant came up something you won’t believe at first go. 

Gulab jamun is delicious, pizza is delicious, but both of them on their own? I don’t know why someone would ever think, “oh hey, what would happen if we put these two together?”

But, unfortunately, someone not only thought that, but also made it a reality and now we all have to suffer the consequences. Just look at this monstrosity!

Why would you do that? Just, why? This is so unnecessary. Even if it’s not actually a regular pizza as a base, it’s just not needed. You don’t need a sweet base and then put lots of gulab jamuns on top to make a dish. People can just eat the gulab jamun, like you know, individually, normally.

But, why the need to merge that with pizza then? Pizza is sacred, why do we need to keep messing with it? And that’s exactly what netizens felt too.

People are reacting like how they should – they are disgusted by it.

The most surprising part of this is the fact that there are some people who actually think it looks delicious and want to try it. I just have one question for them – who hurt you?

Couldn’t they keep delicacy and pizza different? It’s like if Joey would have seen it, then he would have cried his eyes out, because you don’t mess with pizza!


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