A Robber boards Train To Escape Police, Cops Take Flight & Reach Before to catch him

A Robber boards Train To Escape Police, Cops Take Flight & Reach Before to catch him

We’re all aware of films like Singham and Simbaa where the cops turn to creative and entertaining ways to nab the law-offenders. Bengaluru police recently caught a thief in such a super surprising way that even Bollywood scriptwriters would have been taken aback!

Kushal Singh had started working at businessmen Mehak V Piragal’s home on the day of Diwali after being recommended by a family friend.

The same evening, the family of Piragal asked Kushal to guard their house as they left for puja at their garment shop in Chickpet. 

When the family returned at 9 pm, they found their house completely ransacked with some gold ornaments missing from a wardrobe. Singh too was nowhere to be found.  

Piragal wasted no time in informing the cops, who quickly swung into action. They began investigating the matter and went through Kushal’s Call Detail Record (CDR). On going through his CDR, police found that he was travelling. 

Singh boarded a train which took nearly three days to arrive in Rajasthan. The cops, however, played it smart by taking a flight and landing much before Singh.

Kushal Singh got the shock of his life when Bengaluru Police ‘welcomed’ him at the train station in Ajmer and took him in custody and brought him back to Bengaluru.

The cops ensured that he doesn’t have enough time to sell the stolen ornaments and nabbed him quickly. “This was Kushal’s first visit to Bengaluru and he doesn’t have any criminal record. He wanted to make a quick buck and wanted to lead a happy life, but chose the wrong path,” a police official told.

I wonder what if the thief deboarded the train at some other railway station? How were the cops so sure that he’ll travel to Ajmer? Maybe they were live-tracking his location.


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