A Strong Woman Would prefer to Be Alone Than Spend her life With An Asshole

A Strong Woman Would prefer to Be Alone Than Spend her life With An Asshole

The headstrong and self-sufficient woman — one who knows her worth can never be devalued — is one of the great paragons of femininity in our society.

They know what they want and they aren’t afraid to work for it. On the flipside, they know what they don’t want and won’t get suckered into settling for less.

Case in point? Strong women will almost always choose to be single rather than compromise by dating a jerk.

Dating is all a game, and not a fun one like beer pong. It’s more like playing Monopoly with a bunch of people who lie about having Boardwalk (when all they really have is Baltic Avenue).

Nobody really wants to play the game, but if we eventually want to get back into a relationship,then we have to. And like all games, it helps to have a strategy.

Mine is this: don’t waste time on jerks.
While this rule seems tried and true, it doesn’t change the fact that it seems like the majority of single guys out there are, in fact, assholes. 

Sure, there are certain “bad boy traits” that many women find attractive, like extraversion, impulsivity, and an openness to new experiences.

These traits alone don’t make a true jerk, however, most of the men who receive that negative label are really just emotionally unavailable and afraid of commitment.

This is what a strong woman truly cannot abide — a man who cannot devote himself to being in a relationship. 

While there are some women who may fall for the “you want what you can’t have” schtick, a woman who knows her true worth won’t put up with it, for a host of excellent reasons.

The primary reason is that high level of inner confidence. Strong women know who they are, and they don’t need a man or a relationship to help define that.

They will give their own emotions priority, stay authentic regardless of the situation, and won’t put up a front for anyone.

These women have often already been through toxic relationships. They know that many relationships are simply a waste of time and energy. Their time is limited and they don’t want to waste it on relationships that won’t make them fulfilled or happy. It takes an amazing amount of strength and courage to be a strong woman in such a misogynistic world. You have to be brave to fight for what you want.

Which leads into the second reason strong women will pick being alone over being with a jerk — because they aren’t afraid of a bit of temporary loneliness.

They know true happiness comes from within, so they don’t need to waste their time chasing after someone who can’t provide even a modicum of emotional stability.

And this all culminates in the final point — strong women know that a relationship isn’t supposed to be something to cling to avoid being alone.

Relationships are about a true connection with two people who are compatible and complementary in their personalities. 

Why, then, would they demean their self-worth by wasting their time on someone who doesn’t feel the same?

They wouldn’t of course, which is why strong women feel so comfortable going their own way until the right partner comes into their lives.

In the interim, they’ll focus on improving themselves and finding happiness in whatever else appeals to them — a life philosophy that would benefit just about anyone.

So live your life and be open to guys, but date with the mindset that your time is valuable and not to be wasted. Anyone who’s not in it for the right reasons will gladly step aside, leaving you with only real, viable romantic options.

Doesn’t that sound like a much better game?


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