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A Teen Gets Trapped In Cheap iPhone Scheme, Ends Up Buying Table Shaped iPhone

Sure, online shopping may be fast and easy but there’s always a catch – you never really know exactly what you’ll get until your order arrives. And seriously, it can be a real hit-or-miss sometimes. The world of online shopping is still pretty much unregulated.

However, this teen from Thailand ordered a cheap iPhone online and got something extremely unexpected. He was instantly tempted by the iPhone deal that he saw online.

While the shipping costs were a bit higher than he expected, the teen couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get his hands on the device for such a low price. Thinking it’s a deal, he instantly went ahead and placed an order for the Apple smartphone.

But when he received the device at home, he realized it was nowhere near what he hoped for. Upon close inspection, he discovered that it was an iPhone-like coffee table, and not the actual smartphone.

He shared his online shopping experience on social media and also admitted that he hadn’t checked the details of his order quite as closely as he probably should have before placing the order.

Well, that’s why you should always follow the golden rule of online shopping – if something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because it is.


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