A Twitter User Spoke ‘Richa Chadda removes Chaddi in Every Movie’, Actress Gave Hard-Hitting Reply

A Twitter User Spoke ‘Richa Chadda removes Chaddi in Every Movie’, Actress Gave Hard-Hitting Reply

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The Kathua rape case have those haunting vibes till date . The little girl Asifa , who was just at her vulnerable age of 8 was kidnapped, sedated, raped and then murdered. The charge sheet of the case has recorded the brutality of the accused that included police officers and a teenager. As per the case recorded in the charge sheet, when they were about to kill Asifa by crushing her head with a rock, a police officer stopped them just to rape her again one last time. The incident has put humanity to shame and people who believe in humanity more than politics and religion are raising their voice against the rapists.

In the past , after this crime happened , many celebrities stood up in her support but a few groups stooped to a new low by protesting for the rapists. Such people started slamming those who asked justice for Asifa and something similar happened when actress Richa Chadda raised her voice against the brutal crime .She took to her twitter handle and posted ,

Dear govt,plz change #BetiBachao to #BetiHumHiSeBachao.Your MLAs are making a mockery of your slogan.A victims father is killed in jail?Don’t claim to be #Hindu.You don’t view women as Goddess forms,so end this hypocrisy NOW! #JusticeForAshifa #VarnikaKundu pic.twitter.com/rpA2dPH5eP

— TheRichaChadha (@RichaChadha) 

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Many people slammed Richa for supporting a Muslim girl without even thinking once that she was an 8-year-old innocent girl who was an Indian.

One of those who trolled Richa for raising her voice against the accused was a twitter user named Rampat Haramai. His tweet will make you rethink that people have the worst minds and they relate the profession with the unethical statements , likewise he did.

Let’s see his shameless tweet:

The bold Richa Chaddha gave a savage reply to the man who tried to make her feel so uncomfortable with his non-sense tweet.

She twitted:

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People who stand with their weird and baseless logic are being backfired in such a way ..


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